What the heck is SEO?

In this training we try to explain What the hell is SEO? We do this by providing a series of descriptions of key concepts and a mini-guide on how to do SEO.

What the heck is SEO?

In this training we try to explain What the hell is SEO? We do this by providing a series of descriptions of key concepts and a mini-guide on how to do SEO.

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Definition of interesting concepts

What the heck is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for the words Search Engine Optimization , in Spanish and so that everyone understands it, go first in Google (or any other search engine). The main objective of SEO is to position any Web page, increasing the number of visits that come from search engines. When we talk about visits that reach the search engines, we mean that the user performs the following action:

In this case, 1 user would search for the keyword “digital marketing techniques” and would find our page positioned in Google. Clicking and entering would count as one visit.

Why does our website need SEO?

Most of the web traffic comes through the most popular search engines. Although social networks and other types of traffic can also generate visits to your Web page, search engines are the option to navigate chosen by most Internet users. That users reach your website from the main search engines is possible if your page generates content, services, products, information, etc.

Let’s say that your website is a home located at an address. Search engines would be the road (or better said highway) that leads us to that direction. If search engines cannot find your website or add content to their databases, you are missing great opportunities to drive traffic to your website.

What is SEO?

What are keywords?

They are the text that you enter in the search box to search for a particular content. The content of your website must be designed for these keywords, so that the search engines show it in the first positions.

Is any website worth doing SEO?

The answer is no. Many clients who want to do SEO and already have a website come to us hoping to improve their results. Sometimes, we recommend starting from 0 if the website you have does not meet a series of technical characteristics to do this type of work. For example, if a website is entirely in flash it is impossible to do SEO with it. If a client has their website in WordPress, it is possible to install a series of plugins that help to carry out SEO tasks.

SEO project work process

How do you get SEO done right?

Carrying out a good SEO strategy goes through different phases that depend on each project. The usual methodology is as follows:

  1. Create the keyword study and information architecture. Make a study of keywords to know what are the concepts to develop on your site. The site must be prepared for SEO: it must be well designed, fast, have a good UX …
  2. Create or modify the website regarding that keyword study. This section includes creating original content: texts, images, videos, links … that inform or help your site visitors regarding the keywords in question.
  3. Create content regularly that reinforces the main keywords and adds new ones.
  4. Get links from other pages and visits from social networks.
  5. Measure, measure and measure: As soon as we have metrics we will have to control them constantly to modify the strategy if necessary.

The importance of doing SEO

Experience has taught us that the traffic generated by search engines is essential for the success or failure of your organization, company, institution, etc. SEO (web positioning) can provide advertising, revenue and relevance like no other marketing channel.

Since investment in SEO has a higher ROI (Return Of Investment, in Spanish, return on investment) compared to other types of marketing and advertising, in many cases it is advisable to invest continuously in SEO.

So your company will always be the first in Google!

SEO covers many aspects: From the words and content of your page to the way in which other pages link to your website. A few years ago, SEO was about ensuring that your page was properly structured for search engines to understand. With the increase in online competition, SEO is getting harder and harder.

It should be noted that SEO is not only about building a website suitable for search engines, but also for people. That is, one of the most important parts of SEO is creating quality content, content that other users are looking for and is relevant. Remember that what search engines want is to give the best possible results to users, so you will always have to keep them in mind.