What is and what are the advantages of Google Ads Smart Bidding

What is and what are the advantages of Google Ads Smart Bidding

Google Ads smart bidding can be used to improve bids and optimize conversions: find out what it is and what its benefits are.

Google has always helped marketers to maximize their campaigns. Automation leader, he always tries to improve the machine learning of the Google Ads platform by listening (also) to user suggestions. Thanks to the experience and constant comparison with those who use the platform, Google has introduced Smart Bidding , a tool that more and more professionals are using for its efficiency and for the considerable advantages it can bring.

Smart bidding literally arises from processes that individual customers initially used for Google Search and displa y ads . Generally, bids were made on a cost-per-click basis by manually entering all the keywords of interest to the platform ; only some operations could be automated but, in almost all cases, the offers had to be updated manually. When third-party tools arrived that took care of that process, Google decided to take action. And he started embedding this kind of feature directly into Google Ads. From this reflection comes Smart Bidding, capable of determining the offers and replacing the manual choice by the user.

Google Ads Smart Bidding determines bids for the user through an advanced machine learning algorithm. Basically, it sets bids for the keywords and product groups that it deems most suitable, taking advantage of the history of the account and all the parameters that allow you to make certain decisions about bids.

Google thus replaces the user by optimizing times, and doing in his place the operations considered repetitive. A help from Google Ads which, in practice, tries to help users by allowing them to take care of the overall strategy without “wasting” precious time for the rest.

Smart Bidding chooses the objective to be optimized considering the parameters that would generally have been chosen by the user himself:

  • Device
  • Physical place
  • Position intent
  • Interface language
  • Browser
  • Operating system
  • Demography
  • Query
  • Hour of the day
  • Remarketing list
  • Characteristics of the ad

Of course, Smart Bidding performs better when it has more data to analyze . Typically, he needs at least 30/50 conversions tracked previously to ensure an effective result because, in that way, he can count on more data to create an effective result and make a difference compared to a manual operation.


The advantages of Smart Bidding

The introduction of Smart Bidding has obviously changed the cards on the table. The strategy and methods of application by the marketing professions have been revolutionized by this new feature, also in consideration of its considerable advantages:

  • Time savings
  • Limitation of human errors
  • Offers in real time

Time savings

As mentioned above, one of the strengths of Google Ads Smart Bidding is the ability to save users valuable time . With this feature, hours and hours of analysis by the single person are wiped out, and everything is entrusted to artificial intelligence. Which, in this way, replaces the human being and allows the various teams to dedicate themselves to other projects or to define other strategies useful for the growth of their business.

Limitation of human errors

Automation and machine learning are slowly taking over all sectors, and Google Ads is the emblem of the success of this approach. Before the advent of Smart Bidding, ad bidding was done manually, and human error was just around the corner. In particular, each individual customer had to juggle queries to be excluded or included, offers to be established, campaigns to manage and audiences to identify.

Now all this is managed in a “smart” way by Google, which thus reduces human errors . Obviously these will not be completely canceled, because behind a strategy there is always the main choice of man. But reducing the percentage of risk is already a big step forward.

Offers in real time

One of the most interesting and crucial aspects for the success of a Google Ads strategy is understanding how and when to move to make a difference. To do this, you need to analyze what happened previously, check the reports and understand the various reactions to any adjustments in progress.

All this is canceled by Smart Bidding, which provides in real time to apply a “reaction” to the performance of the ads . In this way, all campaigns will always be optimized, without needing further analysis.