Website Redesign: 6 reasons for Your Company to Redesign the Website

Your company website is an essential element on which users base their first impression. And, if done right, it can be your salesperson 24 hours a day! Log in and check it out.

Nowadays, it is extremely important for any business to have a nice looking and easy to use responsive website .

Many people, while doing their research, check your company’s online presence alongside that of your competitors before calling you or filling out a “request quote” form.

Your company website is an essential element on which users base their first impression. And, if done right, it can be your salesperson 24 hours a day!

Many companies understand the importance of an easy-to-use website and see the problems with the current one, but are still unsure of when to start the website redesign process.

Website redesign can sometimes involve a lot of work, if you have many pages and there is no database that stores the information.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a freelancer or agency to do it for you, reframing doesn’t just involve time, but also an allocated budget.

The best part, though, is the thrill of having a new online presence at the end of the process that you’ll be proud to show everyone.

Here are six reasons that can help you determine the right time to invest in a website redesign for your company:

#1 – The site looks dated

Our customers request a website redesign process for different reasons, but the main one is that their website looks old and out of date.

You probably won’t believe how many companies still have websites that look like they were made decades ago.

Even people with no web design experience can tell when a website is out of date or was created by an amateur.

It hurts the business, especially if people are choosing between multiple competitors.

Consumers will almost always go with a company that has a beautiful, easy-to-use website because it provides assurance that the company is growing, in addition to the latest trends, and they take the look and feel of their business seriously.

#2 – The site is unresponsive and does not provide a seamless experience on all devices.

It was so easy for companies to keep their sites desktop-only several years ago when people weren’t using their mobile devices to shop, order food, do research, and connect with their friends.

Today, users may be looking at your website equally from a desktop, notebook, tablet or the many variations of today’s smartphones. And they expect a seamless experience from all these hotspots.

They want to make sure that if they’ve saved the product to their cart on their mobile phone, it’s still there when they go to the website on their laptop.

They want to be able to do research on their phones and share the information they find with friends and colleagues.

And you could lose these people as customers if your website doesn’t provide a smooth experience on all devices.

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#3 – The site has a bad user experience and is difficult to navigate.

How often do you check what your competitors are doing? Once a year, once a month, daily?

Unfortunately, many companies don’t pay enough attention to the competition until it’s too late.

Technology is evolving and changing so fast. Someone who is on top of the latest trends and understands the behavior of users can go a long way in the game.

Always do your research and see what people in your industry are doing on their websites, check out the new features they have implemented, see what the big players are doing and implement this functionality to provide the best experience to your users and convert them. them into customers.

When you decide to revamp your site, always make sure you ask your designer to consider a design that can grow with your business and that you can add additional features and functionality to without having to redesign the entire site again.

The more our customers share their immediate and future goals with us, the better we can develop a site that is current now and will remain current in the future.

This saves a lot of time and expense for our customers and creates a consistent recognizable user experience for your customers and prospects.

#4 – The website does not reflect your latest business and marketing strategy.

There have been many times when we have talked to people from companies and learned that their business strategy has changed or they have launched new products and services, but none of this is reflected on their website.

It’s important that your website reflects your current strategy and service offerings so you don’t lose customers to your competitors.

This is especially important if you know your potential customers are going to your website before they call or write an email request.

They need to see the current state of your business, and if your online presence isn’t reflecting that, it’s time to revamp your website.

#5 – You cannot update the content.

Good content is something that can set you apart from the competition and deliver the right message to your users.

This can be done through text, videos, tutorials, how-to instructions, etc.

Content marketing has become very important and can play a huge role in the success of your business.

The ability to update and add new content is necessary, and you should be able to do this easily through a content management system.

Also, make sure your website is SEO -optimized , which will help with your marketing efforts.

#6 – Site features do not work properly.

Design isn’t the only thing to consider when thinking about website redesign. Good development is also crucial.

If you have a pretty website that doesn’t work properly and users leave because some features aren’t working right, you’ll lose business.

So many times, we hear people complain that their shopping cart isn’t working or is too complex, and it still takes months or even years for the business to get fixed.

The company may lose more money during this time than what the website update could cost them.

When you are finally ready for a website revamp, be prepared and allocate enough resources.

This will be an exciting process that will help you and your business look inside your business, analyze your goals and strategies, and launch a beautiful, modern, and easy-to-navigate website that will help your business grow.