Telegram: How to Use It to Acquire New Contacts

Gain new contacts and improve communication with your customers: with Telegram it is possible. Find out how you can do it best on the PMI Blog

Nowadays, technology pervades every single aspect of our life and, in particular, our Smartphone always follows us , from morning until late at night. Precisely for this reason, using it as a marketing medium for your company is always a winning choice.

In addition to communicating with your customers, it is also important to interact with them so as to increase the level of engagement and customer loyalty towards your brand. Instant messaging apps do just that: to make it possible not only to promote offers and products, but also to interact with consumers.

In this regard, Telegram is becoming the main messaging app : it allows you to carry out a sincere and effective marketing activity thanks to the numerous features offered, which are perfectly suited to the needs of any company (starting with SMEs).

  • Telegram: pros and cons
  • How to create a Telegram channel
  • Create a marketing strategy on Telegram
  • Targets
  • Acquire users
  • Content Creation
  • Program content
  • Bot
  • Customer Service
  • Loyal customers

Telegram: pros and cons

However, few know the real benefits of using Telegram. So here are the reasons that should push you to decide to undertake a marketing campaign on Telegram (and which ones you shouldn’t do it for).

The pros

Channels and groups . Telegram, being an instant messaging application , allows the sending and receiving of messages and images both in single chats and in groups of users up to 200 thousand. In addition to these features, it allows the creation of channels that are nothing more than groups that can be accessed via a link and that deal with a single topic: a kind of “Facebook group” condensed into a single chat.

Bot . Bots are programs that are able to perform certain functions and that can easily be added to a chat. Their advantages relate to the automations that lead to chats.

Scheduled messages. Directly through the Telegram app it is possible to plan and then program the day and time for sending certain messages (very useful function for the promotion of offers).

Polls . The main tool for interacting with customers, surveys allow you to request the opinion of consumers on the brand or on a specific product.

Platforms . Telegram adapts to any device such as smartphone, tablet or computer, which is why it is very versatile.

Security . The Telegram profile can be opened through the use of nicknames, so as not to reveal your real name and, moreover, it allows you to set a password for opening the app or specific chats.

The cons

Not all users use Telegram as their primary instant messaging app. However, marketing strategies aimed at a young audience are perfect as most users are in the 20-30 age range .

How to create a Telegram channel

To best implement a marketing strategy on Telegram you need to start by creating a channel , so you can periodically communicate with your customers and make it easy to promote your brand and / or your products.

First of all, you need to install the application on any device (smartphone, computer, tablet) and register using your username, password and mobile number. Once you have entered the main screen, you will need to create the channel in the “new channel” section and configure it as follows:

Choose the name of your channel and add a description of the company or topic you want to discuss: this point is essential to create association between the channel and your person in the minds of users, and to make them understand in a simple and intuitive way. What do you want to talk about?

Private or public channel: it is possible to choose between a public channel where anyone with a specific link can enter , or a private channel, whose access is allowed only by specific invitation

Add users : users of your community can be added both during the creation of the channel and later, via link or personal invitation.

Create a marketing strategy on Telegram

Below you will find 7 steps to build a winning marketing strategy on Telegram.


Like any strategy, you need to be clear about the goals you want to achieve. The best way to make them explicit is through the description of the Telegram channel: in this way you can communicate directly to customers what the purpose of the channel is , so as to retain only the customers who are really interested.

Remember that everything you share will contribute to a negative or positive image of the company and products . So try to communicate effectively with your customers, talking to them the way they want to hear you say things.

Acquire users

Telegram can be considered to all intents and purposes an e-mail marketing tool that obviously works only if the contacts of all or most of the customers interested in your business are entered in your database (in this case the channel) .

But how is it possible to create a contact database on Telegram? Here are some simple and effective methods:

  • if you have a physical store, invite customers to join the channel before or after the purchase
  • if you do not have a physical store, add a banner to encourage users browsing your web page to join your Telegram channel
  • if many of your customers are already subscribed to your newsletter, insert the link in an email to be able to subscribe to the channel directly
  • if you have a social page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or others, notify your followers of the existence of a new Telegram channel reserved for your company and transfer user traffic to this new platform.

Content Creation

Content creation is about creating valuable content for your customers. As previously mentioned the content you send on the channel can negatively or positively affect the image of your company or product. Precisely for this reason it is essential to understand what your customers want from you : Telegram offers infinite monitoring features, including surveys. This is an interactive tool that can help the customer feel considered by the company and therefore build loyalty.

Program content

After studying the content that best suits your clientele, organization is what can make sense of everything you’re working for. Creating compelling content isn’t enough if it’s not posted at the right times. It would be like proposing an incredible post on the quality and goodness of Easter eggs, however, publishing it on December 24th: it would not make much sense and every effort would be nullified.

Furthermore, posting often or too little can affect activity on the Telegram channel for this reason it is important to start with a “standard” frequency of 2/3 times a week and then interact with users to understand if they feel oppressed by offers or if they still want to.

Obviously, the frequency depends a lot on the type of company you are running. If it’s a supermarket, maybe 2/3 times it might be a little.


For those who have not understood it, Bots are the real innovation of Telegram and learning how to use them can be extremely useful for managing and controlling channels.

There are infinite types: every day new bots are created by users, capable of helping to perform any “task” such as scheduling the publication of a message in a similar way to Facebook chatbots , prohibiting vulgar language in chats and much more.

For those who are a little familiar with programming, you can create your own bot that easily performs the tasks you personally need without having to spend too much time managing and controlling the channel.

Customer Service

Customer service has never been easier thanks to the possibility of being able to respond immediately to their customers via an app installed on a PC or mobile phone.

Particularly useful also in this case are the bots for automatic response to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). It is possible, through a simple command (for example “text”) to call up a list of all the most frequently asked questions and the company’s standard answers.

Loyal customers

Telegram is the best application to build customer loyalty , from the user of an e-commerce to that of a private company. Through this app it is possible to interact with them and thus make them feel part of the company’s decision-making process . It is possible to send limited offers or in advance of normal customers, in order to make the consumer experience unique and make them feel privileged compared to non-loyal customers.

Telegram is therefore the best application for managing promotions and customers thanks to the bots and the infinite features that the app itself has.