Some facts about SEO

SEO Facts

Did you know that almost half of SEO campaigns perform better than 500%?

On the Internet there are more than 10 billion web pages and only 10 appear on the first page of search engines. Is your page positioned in the first positions?

The number of Internet users grows exponentially every year and the website that receives the most visits worldwide is a search engine. Guess which one?

Search engines lead visits on the Internet

Of the 25 most visited sites in the world, 10 are search engines. This only highlights the importance of a tool such as a search engine for the Internet user. This causes that, on average; More than 40% of the visits that a website receives come from a search engine.

In Spain and Latin America 92% of searches are made from Google. An estimated 40,000 searches per second for services, products, content, etc.


According to the latest published report of data on SEO and SEM, 73% of users opt for organic results in the majority and 27% click on Google ads. Furthermore, 60% of users only click on the first organic result. That is, 60 users out of 100 do not give the second organic result a chance.

The report also collects that 89% do not go beyond the first page of search engine results, evidencing a clear message:

If you are not among the top 10 results, you practically don’t exist.

Proof of this is that 67% of users make purchases on pages that appear in organic results.

What do companies achieve thanks to SEO positioning?

Data on SEO is just that, data. But what do companies achieve thanks to SEO positioning?

  • Increase your visibility: Being the first is the objective, being the best we can leave it for later. A project without visibility does not exist.
  • Strengthen your reputation: 67% of users, who perform a search on Google, think that the company that appears in the first position is the best in its sector.
  • Leadership: Placing the top positions in the SERPs gives you a leadership role and prominence in the face of your competitors.
  • Sales : SEO is equal to more qualified visits whose immediate consequence is a greater number of conversions.

Annual comparison of an SEO project. We see the metrics for April 2017 compared to April 2018.

As you can see in the previous image, a well-executed SEO project can multiply the visibility of a site by increasing its sessions, users, page views, session duration and user qualification.

According to these data on SEO, you will surely wonder why there are companies that still do not invest in organic search engine positioning?

After what we have seen, it is incomprehensible that there are still companies with an internet presence that do not dedicate part of their budget to an SEO positioning campaign. The question is not if they will ever do it, the question is if when they decide to do it, they will still have a chance to occupy a place among the privileged positions of a SERP . For this, they will need an SEO professional. What do you think if we study the role of the SEO professional in this activity? We see it in the next chapter.

The SEO professional, among the 5 most demanded digital professions.

The report on digital professions prepared by  INESDI indicates that the SEO Manager or SEO specialist has become one of the most demanded professional profiles today. All the data on SEO indicates that this activity is booming and that integrating it into any organization can only mean growth in visibility.