Simple steps to reach the top 10 of Google

Many SEO companies are making good money doing the legwork that is overlooked by many designers. It is very easy to do most of the work these SEO agencies do, through simple habits

Many SEO companies are making good money doing the legwork that is overlooked by many designers. It is very easy to do most of the work that these SEO agencies do, through simple habits.

What you need is to practice and create these little routines that will enrich your content and greatly improve the way search engines like Google view your site. Below are some of them to give you a broader idea.

Key words

Keywords are the most important aspect of good SEO. This is the way you will tell search engines about what your site informs, sells, dialogues with, etc. Search engines use an algorithm to determine the “keyword” of your website, where the more you talk about a certain topic, the more relevant your website will be to them.

Use this formula to see how your competitors are using it on their sites, then work to convey better information than theirs, using videos, images, etc., if possible.

one page address

When you create a new page, browse your site and notice what its address looks like. See if your keyword is in it, if there are no parameters , so it is search engine friendly.

The address of a specific page is the first thing a search engine comes across to index it (store it in its database), that’s why having friendly urls are so important, both for users and search engines.

Meta Tag Description

In terms of positioning it has no relevance to Google. However, it is very useful to create calls and make those who are looking for something click on your link. That click through rate, in turn, will matter.

Making creative calls and putting something like “Sign in”, “See more”, “Learn more”, or some other call to click on the ad, helps a lot for the person to initiate an action you want.

page title

Title tags are the ones that tell search engines the title or formal description of the document or page. This is the word or phrase that is seen at the top of the browser window.

The most important rule of thumb about title tags is to think of a keyword phrase that contains your keywords you want to rank for.

name of images

As stated before, content is not easy for everyone, so always remember your keywords whenever possible. This applies to image names as well.

If you are saving an image of an individual working on a computer for your web design site , do not name it “someone.jpg”. Instead, give it a rich name like “some_web_designer.jpg”.

Google will look at the site code and see that the image relates to the site’s content and this will be one more relevant element on that particular page.

ALT attribute for images

ALT tags are image attributes where you can talk about what it is about. Inserting the keywords correctly in these attributes will give more weight to the image, as the search engines cannot analyze the content of the image itself.

header tags

These are the neglect champions on most sites and they make a lot of difference in the analysis of a page. Build each content as if it were an academic article, where there are topics and subtopics on a certain subject.

Thus, search engines will be able to better understand the blocks of content that it has, assigning a higher grade to this organization.


The vast majority of SEO experts will tell you, “Content is king!” Each page should be at least 350 words long and the more the better, but no repetitions.

Try to make it as clear as possible. Give preference to the use of images and topics, so that it is not so dense and dull.