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Gain notoriety on the Internet in the eyes of search engines

Since the late 1990s , search engines have treated links to other pages as votes for popularity and importance. The same search engines have redefined the use of link building (also called SEO off page) in an art, and use complex algorithms to carry out evaluations of Web pages based on this information.


What is link building – SEO off page?

Link building is an art, this being one of the most complex and laborious parts of SEO work, in turn it is one of the most effective ways to get good results in search engine rankings. Link building requires creativity, effort and sometimes a good budget. There should not be 2 identical link building campaigns, and the way in which you choose to develop link building for your campaigns depends to a large extent on your brand personality and the type of website you have.

Types of links and how much they are “worth” in the eyes of search engines

How do search engines assign values ​​to links? To answer this question we need to explore the individual elements of a link, see how search engines evaluate these elements. It is almost impossible for us to fully understand the metrics used by search engines, but through analysis, years of experience, and trial and error we can conclude that there are different factors that add importance to external links .

Global Popularity

The more important and popular the site, the more important the links from said site will be. A web page like Wikipedia has thousands of sites linking to it, which means that this web page is probably important and notorious.

Local Popularity

The concept of local popularity means that the links that come from Web pages with a content similar to yours have a higher value than those that have a more generalized or different content.

Anchor text or anchor text

Search engines use anchor texts to improve site rankings. If dozens of links point to a page that uses the right keywords, it means that the page has a good chance of getting a good ranking for the phrase used in the anchor text. Words like “click here” in anchor texts don’t work very well.


The Internet is known to contain a large amount of spam. There are estimates that place the figure at 60% of all Web pages. There are many pages that are built solely to generate visits, and not to generate quality information. In order to remove this irrelevant content, search engines use systems to measure reliability. Links from domains with a high degree of trust can be a big boost in the metric score.

Reciprocal links

Spam is usually reciprocal. If a site links to spam, it is very possible that the site is also spam.

Linkbuilding from updated Sites

Sites that were once popular tend to crash and eventually stop gaining links if they are not updated. It is important to always continue creating links with new interesting content. Search engines use the newest link signals to judge popularity and relevance on an ongoing basis.

“Natural” links

They are links created naturally by sites and Web pages that want to link to your content or company. These links do not require any specific action on the part of SEO, other than the creation of quality content and the ability to promote said content. These links are the best you can get and show that your website has quality content, capable of being shared by whoever reads it.


Sometimes, you can create URLs destined to fish links from other web pages. It is, for example, creating content that links different pages, and then contacting those webmasters so that they return the link to you.

Get other links

SEO creates these links by sending e-mails to bloggers or inluencers in search of links or paying for advertisements of any kind. SEO often must propose and explain to the link target why creating links is a goal of great interest. Some strategies could be based on guest blogging, sponsored posts, friendly companies.

Hundreds of thousands of Web pages offer any visitor the opportunity to create links through the guestbook, signatures in forums, directories, comments on blogs, or user profiles. These links offer low values ​​in the search engine rankings, but taking into account all the ones you can create, they also have an impact on some sites.

Links from social networks

In recent years we have witnessed the emerging large amount of content that is shared through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is good to know that search engines do not treat links shared on social networks in the same way, they still take them into account.

The importance of link building in social networks – social signals

In 2011 and 2012 there was a drastic increase in content shared on social networks and searches were affected. Google began to give importance to links shared on social networks in its search results. This means that they offered personalized results to those logged in users, including content shared in social circles such as Facebook and Twitter.

Is sharing on social networks the same as obtaining links from other websites?
Social networks affect differently than links in search engine rankings. Although there is evidence that content shared on social networks such as Tweets and Likes affect rankings, today links are considered the most effective way to promote your content and gain popularity, more than any other method (for now).

With the trend in the mobile world and social media, we are sure that social signals will have more weight in the algorithm every year.

Black SEO attacks

This is part of a real case that happened to us when we worked in a company, as digital marketing managers. We had tripled the SEO visits of the website of this company, mainly due to the improvement of SEO content on page, since we took the opportunity to improve some landing pages that were close to appearing on the first page.

How did we find out?
We were already monitoring the link building strategies, so we controlled the links from a report available on Google Webmasters and another from the SemRush SEO tool .

How to solve this?
The first thing is not to go into panic mode. If the only thing our competitors could do to beat us is to perform a black SEO attack, that meant they weren’t better than us.

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