Introduction: Basics

Introduction to Digital Marketing

The first class that we give both to our clients and to our students and it helps us to understand the basic steps that users take in relation to an online project.

Theoretical class 1:

Digital Marketing Techniques

It is no longer worth making a website to get visits and sales. Before doing anything, we should study the different digital marketing techniques to be able to decide if a project is viable or not and if we are going to be able to get the most out of it.

Theoretical class 2:

What the heck is SEO?

In this training we try to explain What the hell is SEO? We do this by providing a series of descriptions of key concepts and a mini-guide on how to do SEO.

Theoretical class 3:

How do search engines work?

To understand how search engines work, we should do a little exercise in imagination. Join us to fully understand how search engines work that have changed so much our way of looking for information.


Theoretical class 4:

SEO Guide 2020: Factors SEO Depends on (Today)

The Google algorithm is like the formula for Coca-Cola: we know the ingredients in it but we don’t know what the exact combination is. What does this mean? Find out in this class with notes that we have prepared for you.

Theoretical class 5:

Create the web architecture and content

SEO keywords

Do you want to know how to select the right keywords? In this class you will learn everything you need. In addition, you can accompany the class with the notes that we have prepared for you.

Practical class 6:

Web architecture

Web architecture is the first job that must be done when facing any project, before even installing WordPress or any other CMS that you want to use.

Practical class 7:

Web content

The contents of your web pages is what will make you see it. 😉 It is what will differentiate your project from the competition, which will make you different from other companies. We leave you all the keys in a pleasant video class accompanied as always with notes.

Practical class 8:

SEO on page

SEO on page is a word that we use to refer to all those SEO optimization actions that depend on us, that is, those that we can do from our website. You can learn a lot about the subject in this training.

Practical class 9:

How to create the perfect blog post

SEO is no longer just about keywords and meta-tags. The last two years we have repeated the phrase “Content is king” and now we use the phrase “User is king”. Do you want to know what all this means? You can discover it in this video class with the notes that we have prepared for you.

Practical class 10:

Create the web architecture and content Prepare a website for SEO in WordPress

How to select hosting and domain?

To have a Web page it is necessary to select both our hosting and our domain. In this class you will learn step by step to select the most suitable hosting and domain for your web project.

Theoretical class 11:

Install WordPress in cpanel

What is a hosting or accommodation? What is cPanel? What is WordPress? In this class we answer all these questions and teach you to handle the necessary tools for your web project.

Practical class 12:

Friendly URLs + permalinks in WordPress

One of the guidelines for good on-page SEO is to be careful that the URLs are friendly. It is best to use short, human-readable URLs and use the keyword for each page. Do you want to know more about this topic? We have a video class with notes prepared for you!

Practical class 13:

SEO Plugins for WordPress Yoast or Rank Math?

Since 2015 we have been teaching the SEO – Web Positioning course that we have recommended to our students the same plugin: Yoast. But nothing is forever and we have finally found a worthy competitor: Rank Math. In this video class with notes we give you all the keys to both plugins. Are you ready?

Practical class 14:

SEO Yoast Tutorial

In this practical class we teach you how to install and configure one of the most useful plugins to control the SEO on page of each of your URLs. Are you ready for this video class with notes?

Practical class 15:

Rank Math Tutorial

Now it is the turn to learn how to install and configure another fantastic plugin to check if you are doing well on page SEO. Ready for another great video lecture with notes? Well come on!

Practical class 16:

Web Design and UX

Web Design, SEO and User Experience

The design of a website is essential, both to respect and enhance the image of our brand on the Internet and to make our users feel comfortable browsing our site. In this video class we show you all the keys so that your users do not leave your site due to a poor design.

Theoretical class 17:

Improve the speed of a website in WordPress

The loading speed of your website is extremely important. Search engines penalize all websites that do not watch their loading times. Also, the vast majority of users hate waiting due to high loading times and end up quitting. Do you want to know how to increase the loading speed of your website? Well, don’t miss this video class.

Practical class 18:

SEO Off page

SEO off page, Linkbuilding, Social Signals

What is link building – SEO offpage? What are the types of links and how much are they “worth” in the eyes of search engines? Link Building from updated Sites, links from social networks … we explain all this and much more in this class accompanied by notes.

Theoretical class 19:

SEO on YouTube

SEO on YouTube

The first website in the world where searches are carried out is Google, the second is YouTube. This social network has become a giant channel that can become the ideal speaker for almost any project. Are you ready to know all its secrets?

Practical class 20:

YouTube SEO – Finding Keywords

As in every SEO project, finding the right keyword will be perfect to get more visits, followers and the long-awaited conversions. In this class we give you ideas to find the most suitable keywords for your project.

Practical class 21:

SEO on YouTube – Make a correct video

If you’ve never made a YouTube video, don’t worry, we got your back Jack! We give you some tips to start flying by yourself.

Practical class 22:

SEO on YouTube – Post Your Video Correctly: Optimize for SEO

Have you already recorded and mounted your video? Now it is all downhill, there are few people left! In this class we teach you to publish and optimize the publication to help you a little more with the SEO of your video.

Practical class 23:

Local SEO

Local SEO: Google my Business, Google Maps

We give you all the keys to Google my Business and Google Maps. How to create a microsite, how to get reviews, how to measure your actions … All this and much more in this class.

Theory class 24:

Create Google my Business listing

In this class we show you step by step how to create your Google my Business file. Ready? Well, we started!

Practical class 25:

Web Analytics and SEO


Install Google Analytics in WordPress

Web analytics is the most important technique that all the others depend on. In this class we teach you to install one of the best tools to measure your progress, Google Analytics.

Practical class 26:


Install Google Search Console in WordPress

Google Search Console is a free Google service that helps us measure, maintain and solve problems that our website may have in Google Search results. In this class we show you how to install it. Are you ready?

Practical class 27:


Connect Google Analytics with Google Search Console

Last step and we are done! It’s time to connect Google Analytics with Search Console. In this way, you can have access to different interesting metrics that will give you a lot of information to improve your SEO strategy. Ready? Go!


Practical class 28:

Modify Sitemap in WordPress and send to Google Webmasters

The title says it all, because that, we teach you to modify your sitemap from wordpress and send it to Google Webmasters. Are you ready?

Practical class 29:


Applied Web Analytics SEO – SEO KPIs in Google Analytics and Search Console

Measuring results is probably the most important task of an SEO and has to be done constantly. So stay tuned and buckle up. Here we go!

Theoretical / practical class 30: