SEO 2020 trends: how to improve the ranking of your website

What are the SEO trends for 2020? In this article I will talk about it.

SEO is one of the most exciting disciplines in marketing because it allows us to update our strategies. An interesting topic for us and other industry experts is the positioning of websites in 2020 .

What makes SEO fun is the same thing that makes it complicated. Pushing us to always keep up with the latest updates and new Google features, it also forces us to introduce continuous changes and improvements. In this process it is easy to get lost and not know what the next step will be. We want to offer you help to guide you in this field.

SEO trends for 2020

1. Featured snippet

A featured snippet is a piece of text that Google shows as an answer to a specific question without the user having to click on the link.

You have certainly seen several of them while browsing on Google. Here is an example:

This type of search results gives rise to an important problem: it reduces the number of visits to our website. Instead of considering it as an obstacle we can consider it as an added branding opportunity for our company.

How can we go about appearing in featured snippets? In addition to being positioned at least in the top five Google search results, we will have to be able to answer basic questions clearly and concisely, use synonyms of the main keyword and maintain a good organizational structure of our content.

2. Core Update

The update core are updates of Google algorithm that instead of interest to a specific area, have repercussions on the entire system. The main goal of these updates is to offer the best results compared to user searches.

When Google releases an official update sometimes (not always) publishes it on its blog and provides a general explanation of the changes present, leaving us with a series of questions, mostly related to the user experience, to understand if our site responds positively to desired requirements.

When a new update comes out, I recommend that you examine how our website works. If it can be affected, we’ll need to browse Google, answer questions to find the problem and try to fix it.

3. EAT

What is EAT and what impact does it have on positioning? EAT stands for experience ( expertise ), authority ( authoritativeness ) and credibility ( trustworthiness ). This concept summarizes the three parameters considered by Google’s quality raters (the people in charge of analyzing and evaluating the contents of the web) to position a website.

EAT is a method of indicating whether a website is valid or not, and what we should aspire to make it such. These are not the only factors to be taken into consideration, but surely they must always be present for a correct evaluation.

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EAT is mainly applied to websites dealing with medicine and money. These are topics that Google pays close attention to as it wants to make sure that inappropriate content doesn’t harm a user’s health or wallet.

4. Voice search

Voice searches are another very topical topic that is having an impact on SEO. A distinction must be made between searches and commands (for example when we ask Alexa to make us hear a song). The volume of this type of searches is so low that Google has not yet entered them in the data provided by the Search Console. Not being relevant to Google, it is not currently relevant to us.

In the coming months we will see how these SEO trends can change traditional best practices. As usual, you should always check the SERPs to understand how voice search will affect your SEO strategy and which SERP features you should include. While Google isn’t seeing significant changes due to voice search, it’s worth playing ahead and working on optimizing content right now, in anticipation of when voice search will gain more search volume. And you, what trend would you like to implement in your SEO strategy?

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