How to Take Advantage of Web Marketing in the Automotive World

Digital marketing strategies are increasingly crucial in the automotive sector. Thanks to them, dealerships are able to increase sales and significantly increase contacts. Here are the main ones to exploit

The web automotive marketing is increasingly important in the whole process of selling the business. Many manufacturer brands and many dealerships rely on digital marketing to try to increase sales and contacts, within an ecosystem that is increasingly competitive.

Historically, however, marketing strategies in the automotive sector have not always been profitable. As explained by Martin Lindstrom in his bestseller “ Neuromarketing ” brands often focus on outdated advertising methods , thinking instead that they are still excellent solutions to gain sales and leads.

On the contrary, today in order to truly obtain competitive advantages, it is necessary to calibrate the strategy on the behavior of the public and on its emotions , taking advantage of the numerous tools available on the web and using all the creativity of its marketers.

  • Motoring marketing: the new digital perspective
  • Site optimized and user friendly
  • Identify the buyer persona
  • Create useful content for users
  • Newsletters are essential
  • Landing Page: The page that squeezes the contacts
  • Take advantage of social networks
  • Monitor the results
  • Conclusion

Motoring marketing: the new digital perspective

What has really changed in the past few decades is the customer’s approach to the automotive product. Before, it was customary to go directly to the dealership , even during the evaluation phase, to understand the model you might like, the technical data, the prices.

Today this modus operandi has completely changed. The preliminary information phase takes place directly via the web, via the company website and social media. With a simple click we can get all the information we want on a particular model, where it is available, which are the closest dealerships.

It is clear how this revolution has completely subverted the rules of car dealership marketing, forcing all the companies in the sector to adapt. Obviously, if on the one hand the new marketing requires specific skills , on the other it allows to hit interested users with more precision.

But how to set up a marketing strategy in the automotive sector? Here are some basic steps for a dealership or a brand that wants to stand out on the web.

Site optimized and user friendly

The founding pillar of a good motoring marketing strategy is the website. This must be optimized , which means that it must meet all the criteria of on-site and off-site SEO to appear as soon as possible on search engines.

Not only that, it is essential that the site is responsive , that is, designed to be used also from mobile . More than 70% of searches today take place via smartphones and a site that cannot support this method of access could be a sensational own goal for a dealership.

Closely linked to this feature is the user experience , or the experience that a site guarantees to the user. Navigation must be simple, intuitive, immediate. The ideal is to show the main models for sale, clicking on which then you can quickly see technical data, engine, price and possible versions.

Identify the buyer persona

A cornerstone of automotive web marketing consists in the definition of the buyer persona , that is the “typical” person who would buy the products of their dealership.

Which person is it aimed at? What are his interests? What values ​​do you prefer?

Always Martin Lindstrom in ” Neuromarketing ” spoke of strategies emotional marketing that may include customization of cars . The Mini Cooper, for example, in marketing strategies has always been associated with a “ gleaming little person ”, a shining little person. As if he were a funny child, stimulating a sense of tenderness in the buyer. With this move, the manufacturer wanted to intercept those buyer personas who saw the Mini Cooper as a model capable of instilling childlike vitality, bringing themselves back to a childlike condition.

All this to say that the values ​​of the customer that you want to intercept are crucial. A pickup or SUV can be aimed at a public who loves safety, who has a well-to-do standard of living. A small car, on the other hand, must intercept a completely different audience, more inclined to carefully evaluate the costs. The important thing is therefore to create different user profiles , according to the cars that you want to sell and respecting the most important demographic aspects: age, sex, income, tastes, value scales. A specific marketing strategy is then built on each user.

Create useful content for users

In automotive marketing strategies, digital content is fundamental . Some sites rely on blogs to provide technical characteristics of cars. But the strategy that gets the most engagement involves using visual content .

Images, infographics and especially videos are crucial in automotive marketing. The reason is very simple: Consumers love to get an idea of ​​the car by looking at real images.

For dealerships and blogs that deal with this sector, the advice is therefore to create an editorial plan that includes high-frequency video publications . According to expert estimates, this strategy increases traffic by up to 157%.

Newsletters are essential

In any business field today, not just car dealership marketing, newsletters are essential . Although it is perhaps the most dated tool in the digital world, it is also the one that allows more return on investment and greater engagement.

Obviously it must be exploited with intelligence, without ending up forcing the user to abandon the reception of communications. The email address is usually obtained through other Digital Marketing procedures , such as a landing page , a social contact or a physical contact. The task of newsletters is not to make the user aware of trivialities or simple business communications. On the contrary, the newsletter serves to send extremely relevant contributions to the consumer , which enrich the already high knowledge of the product.

Therefore, for a good mail marketing campaign, segmentation by buyer personas still applies. No generic mailings but, on the contrary, specific and targeted newsletters user by user.

Landing Page: The page that squeezes the contacts

The landing page is one of the most important marketing tools in general and, consequently, also for the automotive sector. Defining it in a few words, it is the page on which a user arrives after coming into contact with the brand on other channels, such as a social promotion, an advertisement on search engines or an internal search on the website.

It is a page that follows in all respects the structure of a mini site , but has a single goal: to obtain the user’s contact , usually in exchange for a benefit, such as a discount voucher or valuable content.

An idea for the marketing of a car dealership could be to associate a landing page with each car. In this way, when the user leaves the email contact from a specific landing page, it is possible to start a mail marketing campaign designed to give more and more information about that car.

Take advantage of social networks

In the world of advertising , Social Marketing is increasingly important . A good Social Media strategy allows you to intercept a very segmented audience. This is possible thanks to advertising or by creating thematic groups.

Obviously every social network has its potential to exploit . Instagram is centered on visual elements, to be published both in the feed and in the stories . Facebook allows you to create dedicated communities and has a high potential for sponsorships. Twitter, like LinkedIn, can instead be exploited more as institutional channels.

Monitor the results

There is no marketing campaign that can be successful if not constantly monitored and measured in terms of results . In fact, this type of activity makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign in a given period of time , through more or less complex metrics.


The metrics used in marketing are called KPIs and can be the views of a site page, such as the views of a post, the number of “likes” and “shares”, the Open Rate of an email or the number of contacts obtained from a landing page .

In automotive marketing it is essential to constantly evaluate the KPIs; this allows you to make changes if necessary, correcting the strategy during the race.


An automotive marketing strategy can be defined as a complex strategy, where multiple channels intersect to be able to obtain the highest number of contacts and customers.

At the center of the process there is always the value aspect , which is expressed in what you want to communicate to your customers: the value of the brand, the value of the cars on display, the value of a car compared to a specific buyer person.

Always putting the value aspect at the center allows you to gain trust from customers and a greater interest in visiting the physical store. Potential buyers will not see the dealership as a mere car resale, but a dealership in which there are products designed and studied specifically to meet the customer’s needs .