How to find the right keywords

The keyword research for SEO field is one of the core activities within the development of a useful strategy to grow a website general or specific. It is one of the SEO services that offer both private companies that decide to develop or even improves the ranking of your website; the analysis of the keywords of a search engine like Google is an operation that must be carried out in the smallest details and with the maximum precision in order to avoid penalties of various types.

Keyword analysis with Google

Taking into consideration the analysis of the keywords carried out with Google and the consequent advanced study of the search volume of the same words what can we deduce and what work methodology can we organize? Simple, the structure of any site (online newspaper, simple blog, e-commerce, etc.) must always be based on the user’s search queries , making sure that choosing the best or the best performing ones can help the organic visibility of the site itself:

Please Note: for organic visibility I mean generically all user searches that are not included in the paid Google Ads (ex Google Adwords)

Ultimately: a site must always be thought of starting from the study and analysis of the keywords in the specific sector to ensure that users can find it at the time of the search.

Refer to the type of analysis to be performed

As anticipated in the previous paragraph the analysis of Google keywords is fundamental to create an online project correctly set up and that can last over time. This type of analysis must be quantitative and qualitative.

In the first case we analyze which search volume characterizes the keyword, how many times it appears in the search engine index, in the anchors and in the titles of the various contents published so as to be able to analyze its repeated use to decide if it represents a real possibility of use or not.

In the second case instead we analyze the quality of the same starting from the numerical relationship between the recurrence of the keyword and its presence in the reference SERP so as to have an immediate indicator of the possible performances. However, consider that this second analysis must be expanded in a logical way by reasoning if keywords can actually be used without stopping only at the numerical aspect.

Keywords short tail or long tail?

The long tail keywords differ from the short tail as well as the length also for the type of use.

Generally the first ones satisfy an informative need of a web user precisely because they allow a greater specificity and precision while the short tail ones are much closer to the navigational and / or transaction intent.

The analysis of the search volume of the keywords and more generally the analysis of the keywords themselves make it possible to understand the difference

Keyword research intent

What do we mean by searching for keywords? How can we determine it and define it?

The intent to search for a long tail or short tail keyword gives us a clear indication of the user’s intention to search online via Google or other engines and how he wants to satisfy his need.

It can be essentially of three types:

Informative: when you want to find an answer to an information need.

Example: how to develop an SEO Audit for e-commerce

Navigation : when you want to look for precise information and also know the website or the name of the brand.

Example : SEO Consulting

Transactional : when you want to make an online purchase transaction of any kind.

Example : SEO training price


It is easy to understand how the search for keywords for SEO is closely linked to the intention of research precisely because we can establish a strategy, a publishing plan, the structure of a site by choosing the best performing keywords of each type of intent.

between the two types of queries and which can be more useful in a web strategy.

The best strategy in finding keywords for SEO

Ultimately it is useful to ask what is the best strategy in keyword research. The answer, as often happens in SEO, is: it depends.

It depends on the type of site you want to develop (blog, e-commerce website, etc.), depending on whether it is a new or existing site and of course it depends on the economic budget available. It also depends on how these keywords will be used and which of them will be exploited as anchors in building an effective internal linking scheme or whether they will be used in advertising campaigns with tools such as Google Ads.

As you can guess: many variables and many options to consider.

Because of the complexity of this area, I am at your disposal to provide you with further and more precise information on this type of SEO service.

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