How Much Does a Website Cost?

The estimated final cost of the website varies depending on several factors, such as choosing between a basic institutional website, a blog, or a complex website with advanced systems and integrations.

Like a carefully laid out physical store, a well-built website attracts a lot of visitors, is easy to navigate, and has a pleasant experience. It offers easy access to products or services, their prices, and finally, the quote or checkout process. This channel also adds unique value, with most internet users checking to see if a company has a website before making an online or offline purchase.

So how much does it cost to develop a website that delights customers?

The average cost of the website for small and medium-sized companies is from R$2,500.00 to R$15,000.00. This upfront expense covers the design and  development of professional websites  – or the essentials. If you consider site maintenance, you should add another $100.00 to $400.00.

A high value website budget is typical if you want to deliver an exceptional user experience (UX). The estimated final cost of the website varies depending on several factors, such as choosing between a basic institutional website, a landing page, a blog, or a complex website with advanced systems and integrations. On any of the website types, don’t forget to delight your target audience.

Plus, with Google updates rolling out in mid-2021, such as mobile-first indexing and Page Experience, those who drop UX will find their rankings dropping in search engines. With that in mind, let’s dive into how much it costs to create a website for your business:

  • What is the average cost to create a website: factors to consider;
  • How much does a website cost: the basics;
  • How much does it cost to create a professional website;
  • Working with a web design company;
  • Maximize your website’s potential.

What is the average cost to create a website: factors to consider

There’s no single way to answer people who ask, “How much does it cost to create a website?” Even small and medium-sized companies are charged for a wide range of professional services, ranging from R$2,500.00 to R$15,000.00 on average. Creating a complex website, with integrations in third-party systems for automatic website updating, can reach R$ 20,000.00 or more.

To narrow the scope, you can check common factors that affect the average cost of website design and development.

Note: Avoid mixing web design and development! For simplicity’s sake, think of website creation as building houses. Designers are the architects and engineers who visualize the structure while developers are the master builders and professionals who configure it, turning the project into reality.

Let’s see which items you will include in your website budget:

The first set of factors is infrastructure related, so you can refer to these as  website development costs .


A domain name gives your website its internet identity, similar to a physical address. When it is entered by a user in the URL box in browsers, it goes straight to your website. Before using it, you have to buy it from a domain name registrar.

A fictitious domain name:

The cost of a website domain depends on where you register it, type of top-level domain or TLD (like .com, country code like .us and premium like , and upfront fees.

If you choose to register , we always recommend that you register it directly through the website , which is responsible for national domains. The investment starts at R$ 40.00/year and decreases as the number of years of registration increases.


All types of sites, not just e-commerce sites, need to be HTTPS sites, where S stands for “secure”. Purchasing an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate ensures that sensitive data passing through your website is encrypted. An SSL certificate must be included in the website development costs. You can currently get it for free using Lets Encrypt (some hosts already configure it automatically), but installing it by a professional can charge around R$100.00 to R$300.00 per year.

website hosting

Your website is actually built using files that are stored on a physical web server. The service that sells or rents space on a server is what we call hosting. Sometimes you will find that the cost of hosting the website is bundled with the cost of the website domain. Other times, both the website hosting cost and domain cost are included in a website’s pricing plan.

The costs of creating a website don’t fully respond to just the term “how much does it cost to make a website?” There is another set of factors, which have to do with design, and together they make up the total cost of website development.

Number of pages

The number of pages is an important factor if you are interested in professional web design services. The page count depends on your business model, size, industry and offerings. An e-commerce store with dozens of products requires more pages than, say, a heating, ventilation and air conditioning service company.

responsive design

The responsiveness of a mobile-responsive website design can account for most of the cost of creating a website. Responsive design adapts your website layout to the screen size or device dimensions of each user. Paying attention to these details is crucial because Google will complete its rollout of mobile-first indexing in March 2021. This means that the search giant will now use the mobile version of the site for indexing and ranking, effectively retiring those who are not responsive. .

Investing in this functionality will not only bolster your search engine optimization ( SEO ) efforts, but also delight your old and new users alike.


Placing interactive elements on your mobile site is the final major factor that affects the cost of creating your site. How much does it cost to create a website when you add interactivity? That depends. Something as simple as a clickable button or pop-up form can drive conversions without breaking the layout. But animations and videos can increase the average cost of website design.

The average cost of web design and development is upfront and ongoing, but part of it can be attributed to the cost of maintaining the site. Compared to the first two, the last one is less expensive.

website maintenance

If you have an in-house team that knows how to host a website, you may be shifting website maintenance costs to operations and salaries. But to make sure everything is working well, from sales to support, it still amounts to $100.00 to $400.00 per month.

Working with a web design company

The question of how much it costs to build a website is critical for small and medium businesses. The average website cost runs into the hundreds to thousands of dollars when a  web design agency  is involved.

With the right website agency, however, you can customize website components to your needs and preferences.

“If you have an established business, it’s always best to hire a professional agency to develop and optimize your website. Look for a company like Agência MACAN that has a proven track record with websites that load fast, are modern, and rank well in search engines. “, said one of our customers, from UPVET Maringá.

Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring professional agencies to deploy  web development and web design services :


  • The right web design company can save you time, money, energy and resources.
  • Their website development and website design services are reliable and responsive.
  • It provides an online strategy that integrates SEO, content writing, conversion rate optimization and social media.
  • It gives you access to a prolific team that knows how to host a website, make you look trustworthy, and get you in front of your target audience.


  • Start-up costs are high.
  • The website company may have outdated technology or have the wrong culture that includes miscommunication, lack of transparency and late delivery.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to find an agency you can trust and align with. Wiles added, “Would you trust putting your biggest customer in the hands of someone with no experience in sales or service delivery? You should be thinking of your website the same way. You need an expert who delivers a website that positively impacts your reputation.” , as well as your recipe.”

In the meantime, here are the do-it-yourself (DIY) pros and cons.


  • Time is on your side, so you can start whenever you want.
  • With free options, the upfront costs can be more manageable.
  • Some website builders come with pre-packaged basic seo, analytics, hosting and security features.


  • It can be time consuming and energy consuming. Even when there is no coding involved, you will have to figure out how to use a website builder or install an SSL certificate yourself.
  • Some service packages are limited, so you cannot maximize your site’s potential.
  • Free hosting, speed and security can be unreliable.

Maximizing your website’s potential

A website that offers a seamless and enjoyable experience brings in new business, sales and revenue. Google’s Page Experience update and mobile indexing also put the visitor experience front and center, making it more vital than ever to invest in a  professional  , fully functional website.

In this article, we answer the most pressing question: “How much does it cost to make a site that prioritizes the user and adheres to the best practices on the web?” We’ve posted the latest numbers for small and medium businesses to use as a guide to get started.

More importantly, here’s a reminder for a realistic website budget. Contrary to popular notion, hiring a web design agency could be one of the smartest decisions you can make in 2021. We’ve established how the pros of providing web development and web design services outweigh the cons.

In that sense, finding the right fit is key to keeping your costs to a minimum and bringing you better results. We are a  digital marketing agency  focused on website development and SEO (search engine optimization). Since 2007, we have been delivering custom web design solutions for various clients. Our vast experience has honed our abilities to spot trends and maintain high standards for any business and budget.

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