How much content does your site need?

Your website content is a necessary and very important part of attracting new customers. But who should write? And how much do you really need?

One thing we inform our customers is that it should be started early. It must be planned and will probably take twice as long as you think it will take to write it, and stop worrying about perfection because you’re never going to have it.

Who writes the content?

As a general rule, we always think the best content comes from the business owner. The reason we believe it is because as the owner, you know your business better than anyone else. You know why you are the best. You know what you have to offer.

A copywriter will guess these things most likely will use generic attributes that describe most everyone in their field.

Also, if you write your own content, your voice appears in the content. People can get a sense of who you are and your personality. This makes your website and content more personalized for you.

How much do you need?

These are the main questions, how much content does your website really need? The answer is probably more than you think. If you write for web design services for example, like our field, then you probably have a clue that you won’t get off the hook with just a few sentences per page. Let us give you some examples and information you need.

Content varies by industry

That’s right, how much content you need on each page varies depending on your industry. Are you in a niche market without much competition? Does the typical customer already know what you do and who you are? You are photographer? If this applies to you, then you may be able to get by with less content than other typical areas.

On the other hand, if you’re not a writer, then you’d better turn it over to an expert, as you’ll need more content than you have out there.

Who is your target audience?

How much content does your client need to be convinced that you’re the right person for the job? If you’re a contractor or service provider coming to someone’s home, then the person on your website likely wants more information about what you do and who you are.

In fact, consider creating your institutional website as a point of sale and convince the user why you are the right choice. Just listing your services is not enough if you have other competitors online. If your website doesn’t convince them that you’re better than your competition, why should they choose you?

Do you want to be found on search engines?

This is a tough question, everyone wants to be found in search engines. One of the things Google looks for when ranking websites is Experience, Authority and Trust, also known as EAT. Unfortunately, great photos do nothing to build EAT with Google. The main thing that plays a role in your site’s performance in the SERPs? Contents. Learn more about our SEO agency and how we can optimize your company’s website.

So how much?

As a rule of thumb, at a minimum, each page needs at least 300-500 words. Below that, there’s not much for Google to use to tell if you’re good or an expert.

But we have a trick for you. Go to Google and search for the main keywords for your business and look at your competitors’ pages. See who is #1 for your desired search terms. How much content do they have? Recent studies have shown that sites with 2,000 words of content rank higher than those with last year’s standard of 300-500.

So the truth is, if you want to rank, you need more content.

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