Google Discover: How to Exploit It by Increasing Traffic and Online Visibility

Google Discover is one of the most suitable products for expanding the online visibility of professionals and SMEs. Here’s how to optimize content with topics of sure interest

It is one of the Google products that follows the typical philosophy of the Mountain View company, which is to offer its users answers , even before questions, that are relevant, useful and satisfying for readers. Google Discover is a dynamic service, which can be of great interest both for those who use it and for those who would like to exploit it to their advantage to amplify their visibility on the net and the traffic on their website.

If you are interested in seeing your content in the Google Discover feed there are some guidelines you should follow when creating your web content. As always when it comes to algorithms and Big G there are no absolute certainties, but only some important tips to maximize the probability of success . Let’s find out more about Google Discover and the main tips to get into it.

  • What is Google Discover?
  • The benefits of joining Google Discover
  • Google Discover: how to enter?
  • The importance of images and trends for Google Discover

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a service offered by Google that promises to provide users with useful news and information on topics of interest to them without the need to enter queries in the search engine’s search bar. It is the advanced artificial intelligence at the basis of Google’s operation that makes this personalized news flow possible , which is processed by sophisticated algorithms capable of processing a huge amount of data and keeping track of users’ browsing habits.

The Discover feed can be accessed in various ways, for example through the Google app, or by browsing on a smartphone or tablet. Or, on some devices, simply by sliding your finger to the right from the Home screen. Activating it is very simple and it is equally intuitive to customize the settings according to your preferences.

Discover’s purpose is to help users find new information, updates and inspiration based on the topics that are closest to their interests, favorite hobbies and main needs expressed. In fact, to select the content to show in its feed, Discover relies on the data previously transmitted by the device and the Google account on it. In particular, it takes into account interactions with Google products, the use of apps and previous web search activities. It also considers the contact information on the device and its location history .

Google Discover is therefore able to autonomously aggregate relevant content , news, photos and videos, without requiring direct user intervention, but based on forecast data. Now that you understand how the Discover feed works, it will become clear to you how important it can be to appear within this precious news stream for someone like you who creates content for your business or your brand.

The benefits of joining Google Discover

The main benefit of seeing your web content in the prestigious Discover feed is the immediate increase in traffic to your site, blog or online shop. Entering Google Discover can be an excellent source of traffic and ensure an incredible increase in visits: thanks to the integration with the Search Console , visits from Discover can be tracked and monitored, so that you are always aware of which users they are. landed on your pages thanks to the service and plan subsequent data driven campaigns.The traffic spikes that occur when a content, article or image appears on Google Discover are really important, but the benefits of being present in this news stream don’t stop there: an improvement in brand awareness and reputation. of the brand are natural consequences, together with the general increase in leads and engagement, and the potential increase in conversions . But how do you manage to enter your content in Discover and take advantage of all these advantageous benefits?

Google Discover: how to enter?

As mentioned, there are no magic formulas that can give you the guarantee of being able to place your content in Google Discover. First of all, it should be emphasized that the Google algorithms that govern Discover are based, as always, on a basic rule that guides all the choices of the search engine: the main objective is to offer users excellent quality content that knows how to respond. to their needs, effectively satisfy their questions and intercept their personal tastes.

Those who activate Discover on their device wish to be offered information relating to the topics of their interest, therefore the service ranking system selects and indexes the most suitable contents from time to time. Publishing valuable content that responds to user needs is therefore the first step in hoping to be included in the Discover feed.

A good SEO optimization that makes your pages easily indexable by the search engine is then an indispensable strategic move. It is also a good idea to check that your site is performing in several respects, to have a better chance of entering Google Discover: make sure that the site is fast and that it offers a quality user experience , and also make sure you have a responsive version of the same.

The authority of the site is another of the starting conditions that can favor or prevent access to Google Discover: an authoritative source will always be preferred by Big G in its elaborations. On Google Discover, only content that meets the requirements of the News section is accepted . They must be original, fresh and free of explicit, illegal or violent content.

It is also better to avoid the classic clickbait titles , not appreciated by Google News, and any misleading preview with respect to the content of the article or video you want to get into Discover. The transparency regarding the author, the publisher and the company behind the content is highly appreciated by Google and favored in its indexing choices.

The importance of images and trends for Google Discover

Treating trendy or seasonal content is another piece of advice, valid for entering Google Discover as well as for creating an attractive editorial calendar for your website, your company blog or your social profiles. You can search for the best trends on Google Trends, without forgetting to carefully analyze your audience and its characteristics, in order not to create content that is far from what the audience expects from your business.

Always use quality, large images in your web articles, because this point can make all the difference in your entry into the Discover feed. Click-through rates, page dwell time and user experience dramatically improve when using large-format, excellent-quality images, compared to small photos or thumbnails. The best images are those of 1200 px in width , of excellent resolution and relevant to the content of the post. The same rules apply to videos: they must be well made and of a high standard to have hope of being considered in the Google Discover aggregator.

It is also known that Google takes social signals into account in its algorithms , i.e. information relating to the success of a content on social media. Also on Discover there is often space for contents that have found wide engagement on social networks : a good idea can therefore be to share your web contents also on social media, making sure to always treat topics relevant to your audience in order to trigger another. engagement rate and attractiveness, which will give you excellent results on the Discover side . Do not disdain even some well-structured ad, to push your posts and boost their visibility.

In conclusion, trying to find your space in the Discover service can bring excellent results in terms of traffic and authority . So follow the guidelines to try to access it, but never forget the golden rule necessary to give life to valuable web content: you must create them with an actor in mind, even before search engines and algorithms, that is your users .