Google Ads: how to improve their rankings?

Improving the ranking of your ads is essential for optimizing Google Ads campaigns. Here’s all there is to it to increase

To win on the web it is necessary to always improve your positioning . This applies to the site as well as to advertisements. The more you scale the Serp, the more there is the possibility of intercepting users for the monitored keywords. Today Google Ads have assumed great importance ; these allow you to appear in the first results of search engines against a payment, to be immediately visible . Even in this case, however, it is not enough to just pay, to be truly effective it is crucial to improve the ranking of Google Ads ads.

Why do you need to improve your Quality Score? Simple, the competition. In the world of the web, the competition between companies and similar products is increasingly fierce, which is why optimizing the ad ranking is the key to being able to propose your ads successfully.

Let’s see in this article how to improve the quality score of Google Ads ads.

  • Google Ads: How Does It Work?
  • Quality Score: What are we talking about?
  • Quality score: we see it on Google Analytics
  • Improving the ads: how to do it?
  • Conclusion

Google Ads: How Does It Work?

Before understanding how to improve Google Ads campaign ranking, let’s briefly explain what this platform is and why it is so effective .

Google Ads is a native platform of Google, designed by Big G for the creation and management of advertisements to be displayed within the search engine. With Google Ads it is possible to set up various campaigns , in particular Search Network Campaigns (the ads appear among the paid search results provided by Google), Display Network Campaigns (the ads are placed on other sites), Shopping Campaigns (allow you to insert products in Merchant Shopping).

Each type of campaign is created to intercept a specific user. Developing these paid campaigns is a great way for companies to increase business margins. In fact, Google Ads allows you to obtain undeniable advantages :

More site traffic : Ads allow more people to see your site and be able to enter. An excellent solution to intercept unknown profiles and retain them.

Full control of campaigns : all advertisements can be managed in real time, varied, improved. In short, total control over the performance of advertisements.

Success measurement : Does the user click on your ad? You will know immediately. Then an activity is performed? Does the user view or buy a certain product? You will know that too!

It is clear that in the face of these advantages, trying to optimize campaigns becomes imperative . And to do this, it is necessary to improve your ad placement.

Quality Score: What are we talking about?

The quality score is the evaluation that Google gives to each of the keywords inserted within an ad group. So, does Google give us the vote? Exactly! That’s right, Big G evaluates with a score (of quality, in fact) all the keywords that are included in a campaign.

How does the quality score work? Very simple, each keyword is given a grade ranging from 1 to 10 . This evaluation depends on several aspects. Basically it is based on the qualities that the advertisements have acquired over time and on the previous landing pages advertised. When a new keyword is inserted in the ad group it is marked by Google with a β€œ-β€œ. Only over time will it be understood which evaluation will be assigned to it, depending on the performance of the ads.

Quality Score also has a major impact on the cost of an ad . Obviously, the lower the rating that Google assigns, the greater the investment required to stand out compared to other ads. A mechanism that inevitably also ends up affecting the cost per click .

Quality score: we see it on Google Analytics

Now that we have established what the quality score is, it is also good to understand where to analyze it , because a careful study of these factors, as already mentioned, can favorably affect the entire campaign.

The tool that allows us to analyze the quality score is Google Analytics , the famous Big G platform that deals with the analytical evaluation of your site. Entering Google Analytics you need to select the desired campaign and click on “Keywords”. Here you can view the keywords of each individual ad or ad group and the resulting evaluation with a score from 1 to 10, accompanied by a description (eg “suitable” or “low search volume”).

Improving the ads: how to do it?

To optimize Google Ads, there are some aspects to consider and study in detail. As already mentioned, the competition for each keyword can be very high, so it is good practice to try to take care of every detail in the best possible way. Let’s see what you need to consider to improve your Quality Score:

Choose the right target

The tendency is often to broaden the relevance target of the desired keyword. It is not the right way. Google thinks and works to help users find exactly what they are looking for. Therefore it is not a good method to enlarge the audience of potentially interested people. Big G can measure exactly how relevant your keyword is to the query . For this reason it is optimal to try to focus your keyword on the target of people who are really interested in the product and service .

Know the keywords

It seems trivial, but knowing perfectly the keywords that hypothetical users might be looking for is essential for the success of a Google Ads campaign.

How to do? First of all, study in depth the sector they belong to and then understand what users are looking for and above all in what semantic form their searches are inserted in the Serp .

Analyze the CTR

One of the advantages of Google Ads (as already reported) is the full control of campaigns by those who set them. When we talk about control we also refer to the CTR (Click Through Rate), that is the click rate of your campaign.

By analyzing the CTR it is possible to understand where your campaign is going, how many clicks it has received, which keywords have been more successful, which less.

Prepare a perfect landing page

For those who decide to promote a landing page with an advertisement, it is advisable to optimize and make this page as simple as possible. Among the surveys that Google does to assign a rating to the keywords of a campaign there is also the analysis of the landing page . How much does it perform? Is it intuitive? Simple and attractive?

For this reason it is necessary to make sure that the landing page is structured in an attractive way for Google . What does it mean? First of all that it must also be optimized for mobile. Secondly, its graphic design and copy must be effective and the end goal must be unique . Also very important is a good loading speed and the absolute absence of redirection problems. Only by following these precautions it is possible to create a landing page that can improve the ranking of your ads.

The importance of your story on… Google!

Another consideration Big G makes about ads is the history of their Google Ads account. Specifically, their campaigns are analyzed over time , their performance, the keywords used and much more.

It sounds unbelievable but Google takes a step back in time to see how their account has performed. And it’s mainly why companies that want to reactivate Google Ads delete the old account and create a new one . In this way there can be no legacy from the past capable of ruining the new business. This is an important fact to consider when trying to improve your Quality Score .

Take advantage of extensions

What are extensions? It is simply additional information that we can include in our ad. They can be a geographical position such as in the Google My Business cards , an application, a call button, a link to the site, the positioning of a text in the foreground. They can be different and they are very varied.

Their addition is completely free but Google does not always decide to show them. The decision rests with the algorithm that inserts them and takes them into consideration based on their relevance and ability to further improve ad performance.


Now that we understand what are the top evaluations to do to optimize your ad rank, all that remains is to start working on improving your Quality Score. Only in this way can an ad and a campaign return satisfactory results, with an increase in site traffic and a decrease in the cost per click!