Google ADS Campaign Management (formerly Adwords)

Ads, Display, Shopping or Remarketing. What is the right solution for your business?

Different search engines have their own platform, but what differentiates Google ADS from others is that the latter is the main tool in the search tools sector.

The publication of text ads, videos or images, offers endless opportunities from the point of view of visibility; it is therefore essential for a website and for e-commerce to use Google ADS with the aim of being operational and more distinguishable within a constantly growing and already highly populated market, such as the world of internet.

How it works: the logic behind Google ADS?

 To maximize the potential of ADS, you need to know how to properly use keywords related to your business , write ads in a fluid but inviting manner and specify the location you want to advertise.


An adequate use of the Keywords, which must be targeted and not too disputed , will allow sending to a very specific target, thus avoiding unnecessary loss of time.

Search engines are means that allow us to get to what we are looking for ; Google uses precisely the KeyWords selected in the ADS account.

From there, the announcement created will be displayed in the appropriate section (Announcements) . If the user clicks on your ad, you will be charged for the click on your account; otherwise, if the user views it but does not click it, no cost will be charged.

The mechanism is very direct : unlike traditional advertisements that aim to create a need in the user, advertising with ADS is not invasive and is limited to showing only what you are looking for , through the Keywords that make the ad relevant .

Advertise Through Ads. Rights.

 Google ADS is a great opportunity for companies , professionals and for any business that intends to advertise properly, in order to increase its visibility and turnover.

The advantages are many:

Targeted advertising, as it is aimed at the target audience that could become a potential customer. Unlike an advertising message that affects anyone at any time, this type of activity selects only those who are really interested.

Certainty in the result. This means that the costs are only charged when you click on your ad.

Initiation, changes and easy pauses. To be part of it, all you need is a website (or web resource) to advertise and a credit card to pay for the clicks charged. It also has the advantage of allowing the modification of the parameters of one’s work, or of interrupting it, at any time.

Offer Types and Options


  1. Search Network and Display Network
  2. Research Network
  3. Display Network


  1. Campaigns for Mobile App
  2. Shopping – Product card advertising campaigns.
  3. Remarketing Campaign
  4. Video campaigns

Google ADS also includes three different types of offers related to the payment methodology.

  1. A) CPC: means “cost per click” : it is the offer that provides for the charge of the click when the user clicks the ad.
  2. B) CPM: “cost per thousand impressions”: a price is established for every thousand views of the ad.
  3. C) CPA: “cost per action”: the action is understood as the achievement of one or more objectives. It establishes a maximum amount that you are willing to pay to reach the goal and ADS automatically sets the CPC, so as not to exceed the set amount.

How Can I Help You This?

Google ADS is a productive and effective medium, but only if you know how to use it in the most functional way possible, in order to get the best results.

If this were not the case, contacting an updated and competent professional could represent a valid alternative. By trusting me, you can save money and you will have the opportunity to make the most of your platform space.

Working together with you, defining your objectives and preparing a valid and solid ad hoc project through targeted Keywords, it will be possible to achieve good results , in a short time, by selecting a target population suitable for your product, virtual or not.


Today, Google ADS is one of the most efficient means by which to increase the visibility and value of your company, product or site. The possibility of channeling the message to a highly targeted portion of the population makes its way of working effective, targeted and advantageous.

The possibility of paying only the result (and therefore of a click) and setting a budget, makes it an even more recognized and affordable tool for everyone.

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