Friendly URLs + permalinks in WordPress

One of the guidelines for good on-page SEO is to be careful that the URLs are friendly. It is best to use short, human-readable URLs and use the keyword for each page. If possible, we recommend excluding dynamic parameters. In this post we explain what they are and how they are configured in WordPress.

What is a friendly URL?

A friendly URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a web address (for example that ends with terms that are easy to understand, both for users and search engines. Friendly URLs are important for web positioning, since in addition to improving SEO, they help the user to know which page of our website they are on.

Recommendations when creating friendly URLs


It is better to add the new content in the same domain:

Not recommended:

Sometimes, due to configuration issues, it is only possible to use the second option. Nothing happens! You can do SEO the same. The first is simply better.

Permanent links in WordPress

We wanted to show you the easiest way to change permalinks in WordPress. To achieve this, you must follow the next step:

Click on Settings >> Permalinks .

We recommend that this is the first action when optimizing your website for SEO and before adding any type of content. What is the reason for doing this step first? Very simple: We want our URLs to be clean, that is, they contain only the keyword when we create them. For this, we will need to have this option activated before creating our pages or blog entries. If we create all the URLs without being friendly and then we have to change them, do you remember what can happen? If the answer is we do not recommend you review the class of How do search engines work?