What is Email Marketing

Email marketing consists of a commercial communication (and not) that is usually studied in a marketing campaign. The main objective is to propose products and / or promotions using the email address as a channel (less “aggressive” than the SMS  Marketing or the classic call from a call center).


Who is it for?

Email marketing (DEM – Direct Email Marketing) is aimed at all companies that offer services and sell products (both B2B and B2C) and is a valid tool to keep their customers (and non) up to date on the various activities of the company (promotions, offers, service communications, newsletters, generic updates). Any company can then undertake a DEM campaign that can be mainly formed by the newsletter and, depending on the needs, diverted to promote a specific product on offer or a survey, to understand the position of the customers.


Is it effective?

A DEM campaign , in addition to offering services and products, gives a more consistent image to the company that offers its customer , in a non-invasive way, its own brand and name. The results of a DEM are not immediate and mail after mail is improved, “adjusting the shot” based on the analysis of detailed reports that are evaluated at each submission and shared with the customer to be able to better interpret them.

How Email Marketing works:

A DEM campaign needs the following elements:

  • software send mail
  • lists of email addresses
  • contents (graphic and textual)
  • Know-How To Advance The Campaign

Enter Software

Of fundamental importance is the choice of the sending software which will include the creation platform, address management and report production (fundamental). Currently there are various possibilities on the market, among the most popular are: MailUp and MailChimp.


The lists are of primary importance and it is not said that they should be as numerous as possible: sometimes a list of only 200 addresses can bring more results than a list with 6000 addresses.

The activity that feeds the lists consists of Lead Generation , therefore creating actions (usually on the homepage of the site) that directs the visitor to deliver his / her own email of will , even behind a small reward (usually a small gadget or a downloadable content ). There is also a paid service which, after a specific filter (eg all women between the ages of 18 and 35 in the province of XX), sends a generic communication which, with captivating content, invites you to join the company newsletter in question. The lists, as mentioned before, are the heart of the DEM and the more they are treated, the better the results will be.


The contents must have a simple and attractive graphic. The text should be brief and aim straight at the goal, the more you write and the more people will tend not to read. The images are a must but they should not exceed: it must be remembered that most of the default email management clients deactivate the viewing of the images. There are many DEM campaigns focused entirely on images, collecting inexorably little results. The content of each individual email will be shared and discussed with the customer (at least for the first few months of submission) and the customer will decide which type of communication to send from time to time and how often. Attendance is another key aspect: the perfect frequency is 1 mail / week which in some cases (especially B2B companies) can even increase to 3 / week.


Every DEM campaign is different from the others! It is really rare to find similar campaigns due to the type of company (B2B-B2C), product sector, customers, geographical location, etc. Even when we have a competitor company in the same place the tendency will be to differentiate the campaign. Is it possible to identify the right campaign for each customer? Absolutely yes!


The secret is to have good communication with the customer and a good harmony: we must feel part of the company and not just consultants, only with this attitude will we get excellent results and we can only improve exponentially. Each signal translated by reports will turn into a very valuable indication of how to proceed. The acquired know-how confirms us every day that this is the right attitude.

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