CRO – What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

One of the main goals that web design agencies should have is to develop websites that have an optimal conversion rate.

One of the main goals that the best website development companies should have is to create and maintain websites that have an optimal conversion rate. Today we want to discuss why this is important for every business operating online, as well as providing a deeper understanding of what conversion rate optimization is.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization ( CRO ) is defined as the process of increasing the percentage of visitors to a website who take a specific action desired by the business, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, requesting a quote, etc. The process itself involves multiple steps from following the customer’s journey through the website, then understanding the actions they end up taking, before analyzing this information to better understand what’s getting in the way of completing the conversion a business is seeking.

The process often involves using specific CRO software such as tools that provide dynamic heatmaps of user navigation , conversion funnel review, and form analysis to help determine where problems may be occurring. It’s critical to understand users’ online behavior before you can consider what changes might be most effective. Once areas of concern are identified, a web design agency will typically use A/B testing to review options that will help increase a website’s overall conversion rate.

Generally, to calculate a website’s conversion rate, you take the number of times a user completes the desired goal by total website traffic. However, there are variations in the calculation depending on the number of times a visitor must visit a site before a conversion takes place or whether they can convert once versus repeat times.

Why should a business use CRO?

There are a few reasons why businesses should use conversion rate optimization periodically:

ROI increase

That’s the obvious benefit of optimization, a better return on investment. A higher conversion rate means you’re getting more out of your existing customer base without launching new campaigns to generate additional business or leads.

easy to climb

A problem regularly encountered when trying to scale a business is getting more customers. In some markets, the number of available customers is relatively fixed. By increasing your conversion rate, you are more easily able to grow your business without covering potential customers. Also, it is more cost effective to invest in CRO compared to acquiring new customers.

Improved customer insights

When you study the customer journey and use A/B testing to help streamline your process, a by-product is gaining a better understanding of your key audience, including the type of messaging that works best for them. This data can then be used for both website optimization and digital marketing .

Improved User Experience

CRO is vital to providing the best user experience By better understanding what works on your site along with what doesn’t, you will be in a position to remove the negative and improve the positive that leads to a better experience for your users. A better user experience, in turn, leads to better engagement.

Top 5 CRO tips

Here are our top 5 tips for increasing conversion rate optimization on any website:

reduce clutter

In a world where more is often perceived as better, less is more effective when it comes to creating conversions. The reasoning is quite simple; Avoid distractions. If there are too many features, too much content, or too many options, then visitors can get frozen in a state of indecision instead of proceeding towards a conversion. Check out 7 tips to improve your website’s UX .

Focus on big strategies

Instead of just looking at small ways to increase CRO, instead take a step back and first make sure you are effectively implementing the big strategies like maximizing the overall user experience, having a device-optimized website. mobile devices, ensuring your site speed is in an acceptable range, or increasing the credibility of your business. While doing little things like changing the colors or size of buttons is important, it can be a lot like putting lipstick on a pig if you’re not successfully using grand strategies.

more speed

Can a website be fast enough? The simple answer is no. According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, a one-second delay can cause 11% page views from viewers and a 7% reduction in conversions. This is on top of decreasing customer satisfaction. You should do everything within reason to optimize your website speed for maximum conversions.

Use images to connect messages

A picture is worth a thousand words and they should be used to help connect and convey your message by adding tone and emotion. A bland image doesn’t help your content and message while a good image visually enhances your page, in some cases eliminating the need for the excess content your site needs .

Use effective colors

Colors, while not the most important aspect for conversions, should not be forgotten either. Colors can be used to influence consumers’ emotions and perceptions of goods and services, which is a well-documented concept. Additionally, the use of color effectively allows for proper contrast where colors allow elements to hold together without colliding.


The bottom line is that understanding what conversion rate optimization is, as well as implementing proven CRO tactics is critical to your online success. It can have a profound effect on your website and company’s ability to drive as many conversions as possible. This is something that directly influences your profitability.