Continuous SEO training:

Do you want to face continuous and personalized training in the SEO field? We offer you a course of study and individual training!

The individual training in the field of SEO is one of the most sought after and requested topics on search engines. About 6,500,000 results are shown when you type the simple query “seo training “.

This means that we are dealing with a deeply felt need on the part of those who want to train in this area. In fact, there are many resources that are offered: free webinairs, tutorials on youtube, training courses organized by organizations, private individuals, colleagues, training days, multi-day events that can also be enjoyed in streaming, etc.

It is therefore difficult to orient oneself within this enormous and varied formative offer

It is the same problem with which I “clashed” myself at the beginning of my adventure, first as an SEO consultant and then as a Digital Marketing consultant.

I therefore decided to offer all interested and motivated people a training program mainly divided into two macro topics:

  • SEO course
  • Google Universal Analytics course

Note: Currently the Google ADS course (formerly AdWords) is under construction. If you need more information, please contact me.

Each course will in turn be subdivided and will cover several specific topics that include a theoretical and a practical part. You can choose to buy the entire training package or even just a module.

Remember, however, as mentioned, that the courses are linked and to be able to learn the many fundamental notions it would be advisable to follow a complete path

How is the SEO course organized?

SEO is certainly one of the main assets in a Digital Marketing strategy.

Understanding its dynamics is not easy and often there is a lot of confusion committing widely avoidable errors with proper preparation.

The objective of this course is to explain all the concepts starting from the base up to the advanced stages

My aim is to make you become a professional in all respects ready to resell your SEO services.

Module 1 – The basics of SEO

In the first module we will deal with the basics starting from the approach that every consultant should have, moving on to more technical aspects such as the functioning of the protocol and search engines.

This last part will be deepened in different lessons because only knowing the rules that govern Google you will be able to approach to all the situations that you will have to face during your career.

  • Search engine theory
  • How Google works
  • The various phases of the research results creation process
  • The pre-indexing phase
  • indexing
  • The phase preceding the Search
  • The creation of the SERP

Module 2 – Search for keywords and site optimization

Including the foundations that govern the web, we will move on to a decidedly more practical aspect.

Searching for keywords, for example, is one of the first steps that should be taken into consideration during the strategic and implementation phase of a website.

I will explain a method that will give you the possibility to choose the basic terms for your web projects

Later you will understand how to optimize a website, both within the site itself, and making it grow in popularity.

  • How to search for keywords
  • Optimize a site with the on site
  • Optimize a site with the site
  • The main Google algorithms

Module 3 – The work tools of the SEO Specialist

Session dedicated to the tools that help us daily in the analysis and organization of our web projects.

Excluding the Google Search Console, only third-party tools will be processed. The list will be constantly updated.

  • Overview of the main tools
  • Google Search Console
  • Scrapebox
  • Screaming Frog
  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs Majestic SEO

Module 4 – Multilingual, migrations, penalties and Audits

The last part is a mix between theory and practice. Needless to underline how important it is to know the various configurations for multilingual sites, or to know how to tackle a migration without losing excessive traffic or solving penalties.

Finally, the course will end with the SEO Audit, an advanced technical analysis that aims to highlight the critical issues on site and off site of the website in question.

Over 100 factors are taken into consideration, all transcribed on two reports to be delivered to the customer and to the IT department.

  • The Multilingual
  • Site migration
  • Penalties
  • How to do an SEO Audit

How is the Web Analytics course structured?

The most common mistake is to think that Web Analytics is Google Analytics.

In this course you will first learn the concept of analytics, which you will then use for all your online activities, and then the use of the Big G. home tool.

  • The concept of Web Analytics
  • Introduction
  • Report
  • sessions
  • Multi-domain tracking
  • Google Universal Analytics Audit
  • GA Exam Preparation

Who is it for?

The training is aimed at all the people who want to learn the dynamics that revolve around SEO and Digital Marketing in general.

They can be private individuals who want to improve their blog traffic, freelancers with the aim of becoming SEO freelancers, companies and web agencies with the intention of training their staff.

What will I learn by following the SEO course?

First of all a working method. Logically, all the steps that will help you better understand how a search engine or data analysis works will be addressed, but the main point is what you will be able to do in practice.

Unlike many other courses, I will not only explain things to you, but I will take you to the everyday life of a professional

Only then will you be able to position yourself on the market. Moreover, not a little thing, you will see what are the reports that I use personally or that I share with customers.

Method = theory + practice + report

Are there other training courses than those listed?

Just as I’m writing this article, I’m finishing up the Google ADS course (formerly AdWords) which will include about 13 modules and I would like to finish it in the coming months.

I always advise my students to verticalise their skills but without losing sight of other related activities

All the training I can offer you is to focus on making you become a SEM specialist , because knowing only the SEO or the ADS could be limiting over time (provided that you don’t want to devote all your time to an activity) and only understanding all the dynamics you will be able to improve your projects.


Ads (formerly AdWords) can improve SEO?

Of course, and there are several ways. One of these is to find out which are the keywords that convert the most!


The client asks me to terminate all social actions.

Have you explained to your client what the attribution models are and what role do social networks play in your strategy?

How is the SEO course done?

The training can be carried out in different ways and can be recorded:


  • By call on Skype or dedicated Hangout (one to one)
  • By call on Skype or Hangout (multi people)
  • At the applicant’s location (Company or Web Agency)

Why follow this training course?

You will probably know the answer already. If you have come this far it is because you are looking for a course dedicated to your needs with the help of a person who is able to respond to the different specific needs that you will encounter during your career.

This is not the classic video course or classroom course, here we follow a precise path that will be updated based on constant updates that happen on the web

Are there things you want to learn more about? Well, you just have to ask.

How can I understand if the course is suitable for me?

If you don’t know your level of preparation well, don’t worry. Before you decide what will be your training, I’ll do some questions I will be more useful for tracing your profile with a call of duration of 30 minutes and free.

Cost of Formation

The cost of investing for SEO training varies depending on the type, such as if it is personalized or involves more people, if travel costs are foreseen or if you choose to package the offer.

The price for an hour of SEO Course one to one through the use of communication software such as

This is how I structured the training course on SEO and the Analytical Web.

If you want to receive more information or want to book for a cognitive call, contact me by filling out the appropriate form.

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