Connect Google Analytics with Google Search Console

In this lesson, we’ll explain how to link Google Analytics to the Google Search Console. While we’re in the middle of a transition between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4, we want to explain both options.

Connect Search Console with Universal Analytics

To connect Universal Analytics with Google Search Console, we will first access the account that we have previously installed by entering Google Analytics.

Step 1:  Give “Manage”.

Step 2: Go to “All products”.

We will scroll down until we find “Search Console”.

Step 3:  Give “add”.

Step 4: Select the previously validated property.

It will ask us to associate a property

Step 5: Confirm the view.

Connect Search Console with Google Analytics 4

To connect Google Analytics 4:

Step 1: Go to Manage > Link with Search Console.

Select the appropriate property.

Step 2: Now go to Reports > Library > Search Console.

From there publish the report and the data will be acessible.

Access to the new reports.