7 Branding Strategies to Boost SEO

Branding forms a vital element of any SEO campaign. What branding strategies can we implement to increase visibility online? For some time now we have been looking at branding and why it is so important for  website optimization . Branding is a page rank Read more

How does SEO work?

In general, SEO involves multiple practices, including keyword research, technical SEO, content, and link-building. Sometimes we can feel like SEO is a membership-only club that only the most esteemed of marketers are invited to. We’ve said this before and to Read more

How To Use Long Tail Keywords

The big advantage about using long-tail keywords is that people tend to be closer to their point of purchase. If you’re thinking about SEO, you’ve probably started thinking about keywords. Website owners often start coming up with keywords and their list Read more

Install Google Analytics in WordPress

As seen in the company’s technology, the most important technology that others depend. In order to measure the effect of the digital market, you must install certain measures on your website or your application. Most products are Google Analytics. We Read more