Applied SEO Web Analytics – SEO KPIs in Google Analytics and Search Console

It is worthless to start a SEO project if we don’t check it. The measurement results are probably the most important task of SEO and should always be performed. Web analessics and SEO are two concepts that are always together.

The metrics and measurement programs used will depend on the size of the project. For large projects and high-traffic search sites, you can try buying paid tools. However, in a market such as Spanish, where many gaps have no competition, an SME or a self-employed person from the less operational sector can make do with free tools.

Keep in mind that using these tools is free, but optimizing and tracking them will take time and specific knowledge, as well as money. We remind you that to access the metrics of your project, you need to install and connect 2 basic tools.

What is web analytics?

Web analytics is a digital marketing system capable of analyzing a lot of data and in an efficient way to further improve the online experience of current or future customers and translate it into positive results for the company or the project itself. These benefits are usually submitted in the form of an online or offline conversion form and can be converted into fees.

What is a KPI?

KPIs represent key performance indicators. We can translate this word into key performance measures. You can extract KPIs from digital marketing processes, but the term is still used to describe key metrics of the business itself.

To understand us, KPIs are the measure we choose to know if a project is going well or not. If you look in Google Analytics or Google Search Console, you will see that there are many metrics. You don’t have to spend all your time looking at them all, but you should choose the one that best suits our project and the digital marketing process you want to use.

Although this course focuses on website analytics used to improve SEO operations, you can bring KPIs through digital marketing techniques and apply them to your business.

What are impressions?

The number of impressions corresponds to the number of times that users would have seen a search result. These users may or may not have clicked on the result.

What is click?

Clicks are the number of times a user comes to our website by viewing and clicking on a search result.

What is a visit?

When a user clicks on an event and the page loads, it counts as a visit.
If the user bounces before the page loads (e.g. if it loads slowly), you may get fewer visits than a click.

What is the CTR?

CTR is as a percentage of thought. Example: When 100 people sought “digital store” and click 20 to 20, 20% Ctr.

Google Search Console and SEO analytics

Maybe the most likely applies to susmed. We can add a website for the measure of the website, see the time of the event. If “Spider” from Google can not be consulted on the website, please send an email that has just posted the problem.

An interesting Google search console is-


Let’s discover our main keywords, how many clicks, impressions, CTR and position they receive.

Although the report is ordered by clicks, we usually recommend ordering by impressions, rather than by clicks or position. The main reason is that in this way we will find the words that are likely to bring more traffic.

If we manage to improve them, we will upload visits very quickly. Those words that are between position 7 and 20 are the easiest to upload to the first page of results, and they are the ones that can bring us the most potential traffic.

Sitemaps / Coverage

Let’s add our sitemap and check how many pages have been indexed.

Top SEO KPIs in Google Search Console

  • Number of indexed pages
  • clicks
  • Impressions
  • Position
  • CTR

Google Analytics and SEO

The king of excellent web analytics tools is Google Analytics. When prepared well, it can provide important insights for your SEO strategy. I’ve posted some of the more detailed ones, but keep in mind that key metrics are unique to each job and will be different than anyone else telling you.

Behavior / site content

Which pages are visited the most and how often do they change? Knowledge can give you a lot of information when it comes to creating new content or improving pages that have been effective but little changed.

Behavior / searches on the site

What are users looking for on your site? After many repetitions of your research, you can include this information on your website or create content for this content. It is an extension of the ideas of our content on the web.

Acquisition / all traffic / channels

Which channel responds the most? Are SEO Channels Driving Change? How do you treat others? You may see this type of traffic labeled “organic search” in your Google Analytics data.

Search Console report in Google Analytics

If, as we have taught you, you have connected Google Analytics and Search Console, you will have a super interesting extra report. You can find it in Acquisition / Search Console .

Main SEO KPIs in Google Analytics

  • Number of conversions per channel > Organic traffic
  • Number of conversions per channel > Referral traffic
  • Number of conversions per landing page
  • Number of users per channel > Organic traffic
  • Number of users per channel > Reference traffic
  • Number of users per landing page
  • Search terms within the site