10 Ideas for a Perfect Christmas Marketing Strategy

How to increase sales during the Christmas period? Here’s how to use content to create winning marketing strategies for the holiday season.

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year! We find ourselves, we stay in the family, for a few hours the hands of the frenetic time that animates our life stop. And above all, you receive gifts, if you give them, you help the wheel of the economy to turn a thousand! During the holidays we are all happier, both consumers and shopkeepers! Your business can benefit as well as it never happens during the year. But how to do it? What marketing strategies to use at Christmas? What are the best ideas for flying your business in the days of the end of December?

Christmas comes once a year but a good entrepreneur shouldn’t be caught unprepared! Arriving in the Christmas holidays and not yet knowing how to set up your marketing is like shooting yourself in the foot. It means losing potential customers and leaving the competition with all the desire to buy that pervades consumers. Not worth it, right? So here are some ideas for Christmas marketing! Please, start putting them into practice now!

  • 10 ideas for Christmas marketing
  • Stories, stories, stories
  • Christmas restyling of the site
  • Create a themed offer
  • Wish everyone Happy Holidays by putting yourself on video
  • Take advantage of social channels
  • Write… and advise!
  • The surprise effect
  • Take advantage of newsletters
  • Do we have influencers?
  • Last but not least: sponsor!

10 ideas for Christmas marketing

Before starting with the best Christmas marketing strategies for e-commerce and startups, let’s start with one premise: be creative, always! There is nothing more captivating than a strategy designed with flair and a bit of non-conformism. Obviously it is always necessary not to go out of some obligatory stakes: Christmas is always Christmas, and the atmosphere perceived by users must bring back joy, union and, why not, a little healthy religiosity. If you manage to combine all of this, the results are guaranteed!

Are you ready for the best ideas to sell for Christmas? Here we are, let’s go!

Stories, stories, stories

What do people like most? Being told stories . Try to think: when you were little what moment did you look forward to? In the evening, when your parents told you the sweetest stories to make you fall asleep. Then you grew up, films, books, music began: in their own way all stories capable of arousing emotion .


Telling a story is always a great starting point for any marketing strategy , especially around Christmas! A good story in the business sector is called storytelling and is designed to touch people’s emotional chords . More than unmissable offers, discounts, buy two and pay one, stories work under the holidays . Because they stimulate the infantile unconscious of each of us, make us feel at home, make us excited and, consequently, make us buy!

Christmas restyling of the site

Of course, a Christmas makeover in September is perhaps still not a good idea. But one thing that must not be missing in a blog / site that is willing to sell its products at Christmas is a festive retouching to the pages , obviously in due time. Let’s say towards the end of November, awarded?

What does the restyling consist of? If you are practical as a web designer it is advisable to change the logo, insert some Christmas icons such as the classic Santa Claus hat, snow, sleigh. In short, take advantage of all the symbolism that recalls Christmas. Then, as always, creativity is what strikes consumers most, so don’t limit your imagination!

Create a themed offer

We know exactly what you are thinking: “A themed offer? But everyone does it! ”. Very true, in Christmas marketing strategies it is an ingredient that is not lacking in any business . The greengrocer in the house, the gastronomy, even the newsagent. Everyone comes up with an incomparable offer during the holidays, from coupons to discount codes . Never mind, if everyone does it why shouldn’t you?

A themed offer isn’t a Christmas marketing idea, it’s a must! It must always be there. And clearly it has to be advantageous, accompanied by a catchy slogan and it has to showcase the best products in your paraphernalia if possible. Ok?

Wish everyone Happy Holidays by putting yourself on video

There is no need to explain it in this article because there are thousands of pieces of content online that say one thing that has now been established: video wins over everything . Today, videos are the most popular form of content, they get more views, more reach and stand out for many other performances.

So another imperative is to take advantage of the video format to optimize your Christmas marketing strategy . A good idea could be a video of Christmas wishes, perhaps accompanied by the presentation of an unmissable offer or a brand new release .

Take advantage of social channels

Don’t forget the social channels! As for the site, these too must be decorated for the holidays. So dare with ad hoc covers, profile photos, posts and images that recall Christmas. Obviously there is also space for any unmissable commercial offers for your followers. Not only that, those strategies in which anticipation and suspense is created around a certain event by increasing the rate of social engagement are also very efficient, just like a new product / service designed specifically for Christmas can be!

Write… and advise!

To hook people who search for your product on Google you have to make sure to intercept them through posts exactly created specifically for them . We will not be here talking about SEO, blog post etc etc but we want to give you some essential advice for your marketing strategy for Christmas: write … and advise!

Exactly, write so that people looking for Christmas advice can end up on your site, read your article, like your product and buy. Among the most successful articles there are always those in which users look for suggestions to buy something . Why should you deprive yourself of the opportunity to recommend your product? “Christmas gift ideas…”, “Tips for a unique gift…” and more. This is the way …

The surprise effect

We are sure that among all your products there is something that brings more margins than others. Why not use it to further engage your followers? The perfect idea would be to unleash a surprise effect linked to the product , just around Christmas. This technique, for example, is widely used by musical artists. At Christmas, deluxe versions of highly appreciated discs appear like mushrooms with the addition of Bonus Track. Fans, of course, like and buy. Here, the goal is just that!

Take advantage of newsletters

Another cornerstone of Christmas marketing are newsletters . In reality they are a cornerstone of marketing to be governed always and in any case, even more so during the holidays. Even though it is often an underestimated tool, email is a sector that guarantees a much higher conversion rate than other strategies and it is necessary to preside over it to promote your Christmas offers.

What to write in the newsletters ? As always, you must appeal to your creativity. The content must be captivating, nice and must launch almost indispensable proposals through discounts and promotional codes. But it is not enough, to ensure that a newsletter is successful , the subject and summary are fundamental , i.e. those two small sentences that present the email and that the user reads in the inbox. The opening rate of your email depends entirely on them!

Do we have influencers?

Today any sector has influencers able to move users towards this and that product. They are a kind of commercial agents of the present and are crucial to the success of a brand. Using them to promote your product at Christmas could be a winning idea. How to do? An idea could be to hire them for a promotional post , or for a video, for a series of stories on Instagram. In short, the world of influencers knows no borders!

Last but not least: sponsor!

Don’t see sponsorships as unhealthy or as assault marketing. Advertising your products during the holidays with a good advertising strategy could allow you that qualitative leap needed to fly!


The world of sponsorships is very vast: it is possible to create an advertising campaign on social networks (Facebook and Instagram in the lead) or to exploit the strength of Google Ads to optimize your presence on search engines.

What budget will you have to use? What you have available! There are no fixed laws in the world of sponsorships. Often with a minimum investment you can get great results. Those who create social campaigns know that when a post is interesting, commented on and shared it does not require a large investment. Similarly, for good advertising on Google Ads, you need to be able to select the most crucial keywords for your business . In short, at the end of the games, what matters most is still creativity , your creativity! Come on, Christmas is approaching!