Working as a Freelancer: Tips for Promoting Yourself Online

tips for promoting yourself online

For those who want to work freelance it is a must to manage their business with the same strategies used for companies. That’s why we focus on freelance marketing, or the promotion of the services offered as a freelancer.

When you work freelance there are many occupations to juggle , from accounting to defining the price list. Above all, the construction of a solid customer portfolio that allows your business to be profitable stands out.

To stand out from the competition and to find new customers, it is essential to implement a marketing strategy aimed at increasing the online presence and constantly promoting one’s professionalism. So let’s see what promotional tools are for freelancers and how to take advantage of them.

  1. Working as a freelancer: the value of content and time
  2. How to work freelance and make yourself desirable
  3. Freelance website: why yes?
  4. Freelance website how to make it visible online?
  5. Find freelance clients with specialized platforms
  6. Freelance and social professionals: a winning combination

Working as a freelancer: the value of content and time

In general, professionals who work freelance have wide and very sectorial knowledge, perfect conditions for identifying a niche of public within which to obtain a space as a ‘guru’ in the sector. The specialized content are highly sought after and have a high value on the Web.

But how do you make them emerge? For example, you can create a mailing list of people in your professional field to which you can send articles and content (videos on YouTube / podcasts to download) that can represent something useful and interesting for them.

It is not about selling anything, but only about showing off your knowledge: in this way your reputation will benefit and you will strengthen the trust in you with the customers already acquired. To broaden the circle of the public, on the other hand, in addition to sending to mailing lists, you can think of distributing this content on your social profiles (eg Linkedin account) and, why not ?, on your blog / professional site.

The skill in this case is in being able to optimize the time resource which, as a freelancer, is always a tyrant. Being able to focus your efforts in a targeted way maximizes the chances of success. Content distribution is an example: ‘spamming’ everything on every channel is useless if not harmful. It is much more profitable to organize a studied editorial plan , focusing strongly, perhaps even with paid advertising, on the platforms within which it is more likely to intercept one’s target audience.

How to work freelance and make yourself desirable

The web marketing for freelance employment must be constant and not a resource to hold on in a tired working moments. Dedicating perseveringly – if not every day, at least a few hours a week – to the site, social networks and specialized platforms allows you to maintain a constant standard in the workflow. Remember that it takes time for a lead to turn into a customer: you are sowing in anticipation of reaping the rewards and you are investing your time to grow your freelance business and find new customers.

Perseverance is therefore an indispensable quality when doing web marketing for freelance work, but obviously it is not enough. It is necessary to emerge in the midst of crowded competition, in other words it is necessary to create a personal brand to make the leap in quality. Through your brand you can make yourself recognizable and create your identity, fundamental steps to build your online reputation and to establish yourself as an authoritative expert in the sector.

Remember to link your brand to a logo that is consistent with your professionalism and can be used on all online and offline channels: business cards, website, social accounts etc.

Freelance website: why yes?

The website is one of the foundations of web marketing especially when you have to find new customers, as happens to work freelance. If on the one hand the online presence, on social networks for example, helps brand reputation and lead generation , the professional website is the official showcase of your business that allows you to close the virtuous circle and concretely increase your turnover.

For this to be possible, your site must have a functional structure both from the point of view of development and programming, and from the point of view of usability for the user. In other words, it must be user friendly, accessible from mobile and optimized for search engines through SEO.

The advice, to make the most of this tool, is to rely on professionals who are able to design it from the beginning in a functional way for your needs: reworking something that already exists, but does not work, usually involves a waste of time and money.

As far as the content structure is concerned, it is important that the pages and categories of topics are clear and aimed at making it clear what are the strengths and the unique selling proposition that you intend to present to your target audience. How? For example, by entering the reviews of customers who have already used your service, or by setting up a FAQ page ( Frequently Asked Questions ) in which you answer the most common questions about your business or the reference sector.

Finally, a banality that if neglected can make a negative difference: always make your contacts easily available (social profiles, Whatsapp, mobile phone, email) so that it is easy for anyone to get in direct contact with you.

Freelance website how to make it visible online?

After you have created your freelance site and put it online, the challenge begins to find it in the infinite sea of ​​the World Wide Web. To be able to highlight it from the thousands of sites, equally optimized and well structured, you will have to implement strategies that involve the use of functional directories for Local SEO. The first to mention is Google My Business , a tool that Big G has created for commercial and professional activities that can thus publish their profile, entering all the data and information relating to it.


Even Yellow Pages is a directory to keep in mind because you can see his professional card issued on a network of sites with millions of visitors (eg Yellow Pages, White Pages, PG House, making it visible on the main search engine.

Find freelance clients with specialized platforms

Platforms for finding clients are another great way for freelancers. They are based on the principle of bringing together the right professional based on the client’s needs. As a freelancer you will be able to upload your CV and your client portfolio and bid on the requested project.

In principle, platforms such as Upwork, Freelancers and Guru are useful both to replenish your account with some extra work, compared to the customer base, and to open new horizons of collaborations especially with foreign companies looking for expansion on the Italian market.

The functioning of online quotation platforms , for example PgCasa , which allows professionals and freelancers to respond to those users who are looking for the service that you offer with your business in the area is different.

Freelance and social professionals: a winning combination

The professional use of social networks is essential for any freelancer who decides to work freelance. Just think of the Facebook groups that are born as an aggregation of thematic and sectoral online communities and that represent both a reservoir of leads and an excellent virtual place for exchanging opinions with colleagues.

Furthermore, social networks, fundamental elements of the Web 2.0 philosophy , are probably the most performing tools from the point of view of inbound marketing, since they offer the opportunity to increase visibility in a natural way, presenting to potential customers their know-how and its own ‘company’ philosophy.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to proceed with a precise action plan based on at least 3 structural concepts:

Make an editorial plan : it is the map that guides you in creating / publishing content. Each social platform requires precise techniques, for example the use of hashtags on Instagram is much more decisive than on Facebook, just as the performing contents on Linkedin are not the same as those of Twitter. NB You will not necessarily have to use all the platforms, but identify the ones that best suit your sector and your professionalism.

Prepare a promotional budget : do not discard the opportunity to invest in paid advertising on social networks (eg Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads). If you are able to identify the best performing platform for your content and know how to optimally segment your target audience, you could reach new potential customers even with sustainable budgets.

Be generous : regardless of the social network used, you will need to be proactively present by communicating with users and stimulating their interaction through the creation of valuable content. We have already talked about it at the beginning of this guide but it is worth reiterating it, because it is precisely the contents that demonstrate the exclusive value of your personal brand .