Web content

The contents of your web pages are what will make you see it. 😉 It is what will differentiate your project from the competition, which will make you different from other companies. They will attract more visits and therefore more customers. In addition, the visits and the Google ranking depend fundamentally on the contents of each website.

Web content should be related to your Web architecture and keyword research. If these concepts do not sound familiar, we recommend that you review the previous class of the SEO course:

Texts for web

Language on the web tends to be informal and informative. Perfectly describing each product will not only make search engines like Google “pay attention” to you more, but it will also add value to your company and avoid returns. If we also include the content in a simple and fun language, your website will be much more attractive and readers will stay longer.

As we have seen, the selection of keywords is essential in this case. We must always take our users into account when writing such content.


Many people think that the images on a website are not important. In online stores or company pages they help to present products and services and make customers get a much more precise idea of ​​them. In addition, many visits can come from “Google Images” or other image search engines. Illustrations and photographs will also make your website much more attractive.

It has happened to us countless times that we carry out very complex and expensive SEO projects but the owner of the company does not want to hire a professional photographer.

An added difficulty is that these images have to be seen well, but they also have to load quickly so they have to be as light as possible. To do this, in addition to “save for the web” from Photoshop, we must use some other image optimizer, either WordPress-specific or external.

Videos and audio

It is proven that the pages that include explanatory videos, tutorials, product or company videos and others have many more visits. In recent years the trend is to create a channel on YouTube or Vimeo, post company videos there and from there “hook” them on the corporate websites themselves.

In this way, the audio and video contents (which are very heavy) are hosted on websites that receive millions of visits per year, “lighten up” the corporate website and provide it with a player that works on any device. In addition, being a “Social Network” type, they generate visits to our pages and help us with Web positioning.


Links to other pages are also important. You have to understand that the Internet is a network in which everything is connected. Companies usually include links to their own social networks, but the trend is also to collaborate with other “friendly companies” in the sector and include them on the corporate website. If you turn your Web link these companies will create what is called link building and SEO foster among that community.

It is also very common for a single company to have several websites for different products or services that are linked to each other.

Creating your own quality content will give you the results you are looking for. If you dedicate yourself to copying content from your competition, the main search engines may penalize you and your website will not reach the expected results.