SEO Plugins for WordPress Yoast or Rank Math?

Since 2015 we have been teaching the SEO – Web Positioning course that we have recommended to our students the same plugin: Yoast . But nothing is forever and we have finally found a worthy competitor: Rank Math .

If you have not done so yet, we recommend that before continuing to install anything you configure the permanent links of your WordPress installation. If you don’t know how you can review the training in the previous class:

Why is Yoast cool?

Yoast has been making life easier for SEOs for years. It is easy to use, has been adapting to the needs of the market and has been meeting different needs. It is true that as some blogs in the sector point out, it has had some problems with some versions, but what plugin doesn’t?

In addition, it has many active installations and good reviews, proof that it is a useful plugin even today:

On the other hand, for students who are learning it is easy to configure and covers the basic needs of SEO.

Why is Rank Math cool?

Rank Math provides some extra functionalities, which are only accessible through other plugins, such as the integration with or the integration with woocommerce, which in Yoast is a premium functionality.

The number of plugin installations has been increasing in recent months and it also has very good reviews:

Which one do we recommend from seosve?

We are still testing Rank Math in several projects so we are not 100% clear about what the final recommendation would be. As the changes that are made in SEO take a while to show results, we are waiting for conclusive evidence.

If you are just starting out , you may want to install SEO Yoast, since it has fewer options to configure and more documentation in Spanish, after taking so many years.

If you are expert users , it is possible that Rank Math completes some functions and you can save plugins, improving the loading time of your website.

Both include a functionality to import and export settings so you can actually switch from one to the other, test it, see what happens and then decide.

Other SEO plugins

If neither of you convinces you to know that there are many more. To find them you will only have to write “SEO” when looking for plugins in WordPress.

Here are some alternatives:

So far the class on SEO plugins in WordPress. If you opt for SEO Yoast we recommend that you follow the following training:

If, on the other hand, you have decided to use the Rank Math plugin, you can continue with this training: