SEO keywords + Web architecture

If you have come to this class it is because you want to know how to select SEO keywords. Web architecture is the first job that must be done when facing any project, before even installing WordPress or any other CMS that you want to use. In addition to being used when planning the development of content for the web, it will help us in the future when carrying out SEM campaigns, selecting hashtags for social networks, organizing YouTube channels, putting titles to videos and much more.

If you have not done it yet, we recommend that you watch the previous theoretical class to understand the different factors that SEO depends on. In it we explain that having a coherent keyword structure in the menu is essential for the proper development of an SEO project: 

What are SEO keywords?

It is the text that your customers enter in the search box to find information about your products or services. The content of your website should be designed for these keywords, so that the search engines show it in the first positions.

What is web architecture?

Web architecture, also called information architecture, is the organization and structuring of information in online projects. This web architecture tries to improve both SEO and the user experience, improving navigation within the site and trying to lead users towards conversion.

Steps to create a correct web architecture:

  • Create a Google Ads account
  • Create a keyword list
  • Organize the list by terms (create the web architecture)
  • Organize content creation