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Google Plus was Google’s attempt to create a social network in 2011 and threaten the almighty Facebook. Although there were many users (for example, all those who had Gmail) its use by users was quite poor: many users were registered, but there was no activity within the social network. In April 2019 Google closes Google+ , news that it had already announced in December 2018 .

What happens then with those SEO strategies in Google Plus? Where have they gone? Very easy, Google is incorporating the most interesting ones to Google my business ( Google Maps ).

We have changed this lineup 4 times in the last 4 years. This means that it is constantly changing and we anticipate that 2020 will be a very important year for Google my Business / Google Maps. This information has been updated in February 2020.

Where do we want to appear? What can we get?

The first thing we have to be clear about is where we want to appear. And if we have a physical store or we want to promote a business locally, the answer is simple: we want to have a listing on Google Maps (or several, as many as we have locations).

This file will allow us to:

  • Get customer reviews
  • Appear in Google search results
  • Appear in Google Maps search results
  • Boost local search words
  • Have an extra rich snippet
  • Do good link building
  • Use the tab for Google Ads campaigns
  • That customers call us, come to our business or premises or write to us by chat.

Create the card and verify it

To complete this step, we must create a Gmail account and then enter the Google my Business website . We will give “create location” and we will follow the steps indicated by Google.

Important! If we do not have headquarters, we will be able to carry out the strategy in a similar way, but we will not have such good results. The reason is that these tokens are intended (for now) for local businesses. We also recommend creating the files whatever the business, since they will surely also be important for online businesses in the near future.

In one of the steps Google asks us

we will specify if we have headquarters or not. If we choose not, Google will ask us where we offer our services. Even if we add an address later for Google to send us the verification card, if we select no in this step, our address will not appear on Google Maps.

Once we finish entering the information, Google will send us this verification card. It takes about 14 days and contains a verification code that we must add. When we do, Google will review all the information and publish the file.

Complete all the options that Google allows us

One of the recommendations that we always make to our clients and students is: fill in everything the platform asks of you and add keywords when you can. You will find where to add the file in the information tab.

Add your information architecture keywords in the categories tab. Google will let you enter up to 20. Add hours, phone, your website, a description with keywords and all the data it asks for. The more complete the file, the better.

Create a microsite

One of the new options of Google my Business is that it allows you to create a microsite. This microsite is a kind of mix between blog and fan page. We recommend again adding all the available options.

If you do not have the money or the time to create a website, this microsite can serve as a website until you get a budget. It is not the most complete website in the world, but this is better than nothing. In addition, this service is free.

Post constantly, as if it were a social network

Another feature of this system is that it allows you to make publications, which then appear in the Google business file. This can bring visits to the page, help promote discounts, products, events and a long etcetera:

Get reviews

Once you have the company file ready and you have caught up with the topic of the publications, it is essential that you get reviews from your clients. It is vitally important that these reviews are from real customers (if they are satisfied).

We remember that the Internet is a double-edged sword and that not everyone will like you. If your products and services are not good and you have unhappy customers, the Google my Business listing can harm you instead of helping you.

If, on the other hand, you have a lot of customers happy with your products and services, you can create a link so that they agree to leave a review directly.

Once the link is created you can send it by WhatsApp, mail or any other social network.

Reviews help not only to improve the positioning of our company file and our website, but also to convince your potential clients to trust you. More and more users use Google Maps reviews to decide whether to go to a store, restaurant or trust any other type of business.

Make branding campaigns to death

Branding campaigns on Google and Facebook Ads positively affect the visits and actions that users take on your company page. If you get other users to search for your brand, Google will reward you by slightly improving the positions for other words. This occurs both in the SEO of the web and in the Google Maps business listing.

To size

We remember that access to metrics is one of the advantages of digital marketing. And as a good Google tool, your Google my Business listing can also be measured. To access these metrics we will go to the statistics section.