Learn how to make good use of social media to sell real estate

Learn how to use the full potential of social media to your advantage to promote and sell properties

There’s no denying it, social media has dominated the internet. To get an idea, the average Brazilian spends 3 and a half hours of their day browsing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok, Telegram, LinkedIn, etc. This represents more than half of your time online.

That is, any digital marketing strategy that ignores social media is making a serious mistake. Even so, a correct use of this type of service is responsible for a huge improvement in the results of a company, even more in a sector as competitive as real estate.

So nothing better than a little guide to learn how to make good use of social media to sell real estate.

1 – Always update

Most algorithms, especially Instagram and Facebook, regulate your account’s engagement based on your posting frequency. That is, those who post little appear proportionally to fewer people than those who post daily. Therefore, to have the most efficient reach possible, it is important to keep your networks always up to date.

But that’s not the only reason! Customers use social media as a thermometer. Let’s say a client is interested in  buying a house in Londrina  and has seen your real estate agency. A common custom is to check the broker’s social network to get to know it a little better.

Most of the time, seeing a company that hasn’t posted for months gives the impression that it has already closed down. Meanwhile, a very active company, shows itself to be in full swing.

2 – Use direct as a service tool

Over time, all social networks also opened their direct message box. From Twitter to Instagram, through Facebook, it has its own messaging tools. And they not only can but should be checked frequently. After all, they are excellent for providing a level of interaction that satisfies consumer expectations.

For example, a potential client interested in selling land can ignore other ways of contacting and search for a real estate company from the Instagram direct. Those who don’t answer it may be leaving an opportunity to close a deal aside.

3 – Make strategic sponsored ads

Facebook Ads are an inbound marketing format that has been giving a lot of results from social networks. Advertising through sponsored ads has proven to be an excellent way to attract your audience. Here are the main reasons to invest in paid traffic from Ads:

Metrics and measurement of results

Mainly because this format brings the possibility to visualize the metrics and measure your conversions so easily. In other words, advertising from Ads needs to be part of your marketing plan.

Targeted and strategic audiences

Another key factor that makes advertising via Instagram and Facebook so impactful for your business is the possibility of audience segmentation. Beyond the question of age, gender or region, you can also select the targets of your advertising by area of ​​interest.

That is, you will only receive your ad if you have already shown some interest in real estate, apartments, condominiums, buying property or your own home, to give an example. Also, if you already have a mailing list of your customers, you can create similar audience targeting for Facebook ads.