Install Google Search Console in WordPress

If you make it away, with pleasure. Great stuff! In theory, you can complete the architecture of the website, create the content, set up WordPress, create the website and finish the SEO of the page. We are already at the final stage of the process and it does not matter to us. only remains to begin improvement. , configure and measure. Google Search Console efforts.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free Google service that helps us measure, maintain, and troubleshoot our website in Google Search results. It is not necessary to register with this tool to appear on Google, but it is vital to measure our results, run tests and check that everything is correct. In fact, it is the tool from which we have extracted the most “juice” from seosve over the years. Essential for SEO work!

Create a Google Search Console Property

Due to the large number of Google tools each SEO project will use, we recommend creating a unique Gmail for each website or project. In seosve, we usually do gmail to install all the required tools from the user, and once everything is set, we switch to the user so we can change the password. While other digital marketers like to manage all of their resources themselves, we don’t want to take our clients to work, we help you with your digital strategy. To create a Google Analytics account, you will need G-mail for your project.

By Domain

If you select by domain, it will measure all the versions of your website and all the subdomains it has. You must add your domain (for example, ) and then click continue .

On the next screen, the Search Console itself will indicate the instructions to follow. In this case, you must go to the page where you have rented the domain, access the DNS and copy and paste the code that Google gives you. Then you give it to verify .

By URL prefix

This method is easier. You simply have to add the prefix of your URL (for example: ) and click continue .

As we know you already have Google Analytics installed on your website, you can choose the corresponding option.

Once the option is selected, you can verify it .

What is a Sitemap?

We can translate this term into Spanish as a “sitemap”. They were previously used to help users find various websites. Currently, SEO uses it to create a file where all the URLs we want indexed by search engines can be found. By submitting a Sitemap to the Search Console, we say to Google: Hi! See all our sites.

The best thing about having a sitemap on a CMS like WordPress is that when you post a post, page, product, or category, the SEO plugin adds it directly to your sitemap and submits it directly to Google.

Before submitting a Sitemap to the Google Search Console, we need to verify that the URLs in it are 100% SEO and that we do not submit any other types of URLs that are not relevant to us. For example, if we want Google to display our site in search results, we remove the listings from the Sitemap.

Modify Sitemap with SEO Yoast

First we will go to SEO >> General >> XML Sitemaps .

There you can see a link that will take you to your sitemap.

Keep that URL, it will be the one that we will send to Search Console later.

To add or remove content from our sitemap you can do it from Appearance in the search engine and the following options: Types of content, media, taxonomies or files . You will see that in each of the tabs Yoast asks you Do we show this type of content in the search results? If you say no, Yoast will remove it from the Sitemap.

Modify Sitemap with Rank Math

If you already have everything ready, it’s time to see where the sitemap is and how to modify it. We will first go to Rank Math >> Sitemap Settings >> General . There you can see a link that will take you to your sitemap.

Keep that URL, it will be the one that we will send to Search Console later .

To add or get the content of our Sitemap, you can do it from the same section. Depending on the template you get options or others. Can you see that in each of your math bookmarks you ask, join the page card? If you hit “inactive”, it will take on mathematical order from sitemap.

Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

Now that you have your sitemap URL ready, you can now submit it to Google Search Console. You can do it from the “Sitemaps” section .