How to boost sales at an online thrift store

Check out some tips on how to increase the sales of an online thrift store through online advertising and good service

Nowadays it is increasingly common to have people looking for ways to earn extra income. Which feeds into another kind of situation, which is when a mode of extra income becomes a real business. Something that happens a lot when you have an online thrift store.

The problem is that there always comes a time when a person starts to get discouraged. Always because your sales aren’t doing well, or because the person doesn’t have online experience and doesn’t have the capital to hire someone to take care of this more technological part.

But the same internet that serves to sell, also serves to educate, and that’s why today we are going to teach you how to become an expert in online sales and turn your  online thrift store  into a money making machine.

The dissemination and quality of images

It doesn’t matter how many customers you can talk to if you don’t have good images of what you’re selling. You can show photos of your products to 100 people, and if the images don’t show the product properly, none of them will end up buying.

This doesn’t mean you have to invest in a photographer or do a professional rehearsal of what you’re selling.

This problem is easily solvable, since nowadays, everyone has a smartphone with a much better camera than some cameras that claim to be professional and are very expensive. So even if you don’t have one, you’re sure to know someone who does, and who can lend you if needed.

But of course, even with the camera in hand, it doesn’t mean you can take these photos anyway, so here are some tips to better capture the product you want to sell:

lighting is important

Light is essential for a good photo, so it’s something that should be thought about. Again, we are not talking about a high investment in professional light. Of course, you have the option of making softboxes, which are specific lighting fixtures for filming and photos, and at home. Surely if you look on networks like Youtube, you will find a simple and cheap way.

But if you don’t want to take a chance on crafts, you can bring light to your products using the light that’s literally free for everyone: the sun.

We can’t forget that, for example, youtuber Whindersson Nunes made his fortune shooting his videos with a simple camera, in his own room using natural sunlight, so what’s stopping you from doing the same with your online thrift store? Just find the best lit room in your house, find a good corner for the clicks, and that’s it.

good framing

Here’s the simplest tip you’ll receive today: for your product photo to look good, your product needs to appear in it. So make sure your photo won’t be crooked or cropped. You want the customer to see perfectly what they are buying at your online thrift store, which can avoid disappointments and returns, saving you time and money.

The more photos, the better.

Make sure you have several photos of the same product, always alternating angles so that it can be fully seen, this visual ammunition can increase product sales, since those who are interested will be able to see it from all sides, increasing confidence when buying. It sounds simple, but these little things build trust, and increased trust generates repeat, loyal customers.

Payment methods

Another tip that can define whether you are going to sell a product or not is the payment method. That’s because nowadays less and less people use cash. Whether for practicality or safety, no one wants to carry a full wallet anymore. This causes many places that do not accept cards to end up losing sales. Everyone has been through this, and there are even those who bought, consumed and only later realized that the place would not accept their payment method.

We also understand that not everyone can buy or rent a card machine, but we have to point out that this is a very important investment for your online thrift store, since the business will take place over the internet, payment solutions must include digital methods. .

However, if you still don’t want to invest in a card machine, there are digital transfer methods, such as Pix for example, where you don’t need a machine, the person can send you money directly to your account through their cell phone, and this advantage alone can already replace a sale that would originally be on the debit card. As said before, small things can totally change your sales.

Service method, good service

Perhaps there is nothing more important in the world of sales, whether in person or at an online thrift store, than communication. While good prices and good products make people buy, good service makes people come back to buy again, so this should be one of your focuses.

Have good attendants, who respond quickly and give due attention to the customer, solving all the doubts that arise, making the service as polite and transparent as possible.

And if you have an automated service, through websites and apps, choose the most practical and information-filled app possible, and of course, the most didactic one, so that your customers don’t get lost in there and give up buying. Depending on your audience, this could happen, so watch out.

Share more, sell more

Publicity is the soul of the business, and today there are several ways to publicize your product. Of course, there are paid ways to advertise, such as radio spots, sound cars, and even the newspaper. But, we can never forget the good old internet, and within the internet, we can’t forget where there is the greatest flow of people browsing and consuming simultaneously: social networks.

There is no better place to reach the greatest number of people more efficiently and economically than through social media. Be it facebook and its Marketplace, be it on instagram and its immense reach, or through Whatsapp broadcast lists, any and all social networks can be a game changer for your product to reach the eyes of those who can buy it.

Now that you have these tips, it’s time to start your multimillion business as soon as possible, leaving the competition behind and making your online thrift store a success story.