How often should you update your site?

This question is rooted in the buzz about how best to increase your search engine rankings.

This question is rooted in the buzz about how best to increase your search engine rankings. It’s true that a constant stream of new posts and content can attract links from other sites and boost your business in the search engine, this is one of the pillars of website optimization , but for many businesses, daily updates simply may not make sense – especially if less than 50 people per month are visiting the site.

Does a lack of updates hurt your company’s online exposure?

Not necessarily. But what you should do is get your business on search engines by filling out your profile completely, so that even when customers aren’t looking for you online, they can find you. Also try to put your company’s location on maps . While you’re at it, check out business listings on review sites and submit your opinions right away, because these profile pages often rank well in search engines for business names.

What information do you absolutely need to have on your website?

At a minimum, your address, phone number and hours must be visible. Otherwise, you can update the site when you are having a sale or getting new merchandise.

What tactics produce the most benefit on search engines?

It’s wise to create a list of questions your customers might have or problems they might be trying to solve – problems your business can solve. From this list, you can create an editorial calendar. You don’t need to update your site every day depending on your business, but messages based on a guided inquiry calendar give you more opportunities for visibility. For example, if you own a hardware store and you write about home painting tips, then potential customers who use Google to find out more about painting might see your page and visit it.

But don’t create content just for the sake of having new content. It’s the helpful content that absolutely drives more customers to your business. You can always ask your customers to help you discover new and interesting subjects.