Do you know why people quickly abandon your site?

The purpose of each website is to market your business effectively and get potential customers to contact you.

The purpose of each website is to market your business effectively and get potential customers to contact you. If you’re worried about your site’s bounce rate or you just can’t attract visitors who click around, read and follow your actions on social media, most of the time, the problem lies with your site. Here are three reasons why people leave your site and what you can do about it.

1. Your page load time is slow

57% of users abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. This may seem like a lie, but think about your own web search habits. If you’re looking for information about a purchase you’re planning to make, could you wait for a website to load to see if it’s good information? Maybe not. And if you did, it’s because you recognize the specific brand or name of the store.

When you employ an online marketing strategy to bring new users to your site , you don’t necessarily have the brand authority to make users wait a few seconds for your page to load. Your website needs to load quickly so your potential customers don’t have to wait.

2. Your texts and graphics are not effective

Your company can be highly respected and be the leader in its field. But if your website design is dated, your words don’t focus on your ideal customer, and it’s confusing to navigate, you’re losing sales. Viewing a website happens on many levels. There is a knee-jerk reaction that readers have in the first five seconds as a result of the graphics, colors and style you present to them, as well as the placement of the words you choose to use.

There is also the reaction to the words themselves. It’s about talking directly to your target customer in a way they can find attractive and interesting, talking more about your customers and their needs than your own company. Each of these elements plays a role in your overall website design and organization.

3. Your blog is not featured prominently

Blogging is a vital part of content marketing, and it’s not just because it has SEO benefits . It’s also a way to get your visitors’ attention. Your blog should focus on possible solutions to your ideal customer’s problems, it’s much more relevant to them than learning about the company’s history.