SEO on YouTube

And as we get, help our SEO and SEM strategies The first website in the world where searches are carried out is Google, the second is YouTube. This social network has become a giant channel that can become the ideal speaker Read more

Rank Math Tutorial

Install + Configure + SEO on page with Rank Math In 2019 Rank Math became a real alternative to SEO Yoast . It includes different functionalities that can save us the installation of some extra plugins, and even avoid buying premium plugins (such Read more

SEO Yoast Tutorial

Install + Configure + SEO on page: Yoast SEO Tutorial Since 2015 we have been teaching the SEO – Web Positioning course that we have recommended to our students the same plugin: Yoast. It is ideal for those who are just starting out Read more

Friendly URLs + permalinks in WordPress

One of the guidelines for good on-page SEO is to be careful that the URLs are friendly. It is best to use short, human-readable URLs and use the keyword for each page. If possible, we recommend excluding dynamic parameters. In this post we explain what Read more

How to create the perfect blog post

SEO is no longer just about keywords and meta-tags. The last two years we have repeated the phrase “Content is king” and now we use the phrase “User is king”. Okay, let’s think about our content and our users. If you haven’t Read more

SEO on page

What is SEO on page? SEO on page is a word that we use to refer to all those SEO optimization actions that depend on us, that is, those that we can do from our website.   How is SEO Read more