5 elements that modern website design must have

With new trends continually emerging, website design can never be static. You might have designed a state-of-the-art website a few years ago, but that’s obsolete now. Know more!

With new trends continually emerging, website design can never be static. You might have designed a state-of-the-art website a decade ago, but that’s completely obsolete now. Over time, you need to regularly update your website to impress your audience.

But once you research the latest website design trends, you will be inundated with countless search results. It’s confusing to determine which ones to follow. We’re here to help you narrow your focus.

Here are some elements that should be present in any  modern institutional website  design. Embedded on your website, these elements wonderfully explain your business, provide an excellent user experience, and produce a positive brand image.

Essential design elements on your website

1. Single, common and large typography

Typography is one of the most crucial elements of any website. We will discuss three aspects of typography – uniqueness, size and availability.

Let’s first talk about singularity. Most companies prefer to have a specific typography or font that they use in their services or product range to help customers easily identify them among competitors.

Even if they involve professional companies offering digital marketing services, they ensure that all types of advertising campaigns keep the same typography. Having a custom font is actually a nice practice. And thanks to the experiments of  professional web design agencies , a wide range of fonts are available to choose from.

Now comes the question of size. According to a study by NNGroup, a company specializing in  UX , on average, people spend about 10 seconds on a webpage. So, you need to clearly communicate your value proposition within this allotted time to keep their attention for a few more minutes.

Large fonts have a crucial role to play in this. If people struggle to understand the content on a website, they will abandon it within seconds.

Remember, competition is quite high and an increased bounce rate can hurt your business. This is most significant if you own an e-commerce website. That’s why we recommend that you involve the professionals in any   ecommerce web design company that can help you in selecting the right font for your website.

Last but not least, typography also reveals the nature of your business. Are you serious or fun? Informative or functional? Also, make sure the typography you choose is compatible across devices, operating systems, and browsers.

Also, you need to ensure that the font looks cool both on a billboard and in a small banner ad once you engage with any  efficient digital marketing agency  in Maringá to market your products/services. You certainly don’t want to sacrifice adaptability for uniqueness!

2. Embed video to improve reliability

Including a stunning video on your website can instantly change your perspective. In addition, it significantly reduces the need for the presence of other content.

Instead of reading a bunch of paragraphs, your audience can get a healthy idea about your business from the video. You may be aware that the human brain can process moving images 60,000 times faster than text. Of course, a video can explain your business, products and services in an engaging way. Also, a real-time product video adds more to your brand credibility.

Now, before embedding a video on your website, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Video shouldn’t start automatically just when a visitor enters your site. And, of course, it shouldn’t cover the entire screen of the mobile device. This can overwhelm people’s attention allowing them to abandon the same. Also, many people browse websites, especially e-commerce sites while working. If a product video automatically starts at a high volume, it can annoy users and make them angry. Thus, expert eCommerce website development professionals recommend embedding a play button in the video and leaving more control to the audience.
  • Including a high resolution video on a website often slows down the loading of the website. So, it is better to hire website design experts to balance load time and state-of-the-art website design.

3. Responsive Hero-like images to attract audience

A Hero type image is a large banner image that is prominently placed on any webpage. Professionals of any  website development company have  noted that such an image can instantly grab the audience’s attention and encourage them to scroll down.

A Hero-type image is usually placed in the background with text superimposed on top of it. It improves the visual experience where you can tell your story without relying on text alone. However, you need to keep the following three points in mind:

  • Make sure the design is responsive and anyone exploring your site via desktop, tablet or mobile can easily see the same image. So scalability is an important element when placing a Hero image. You can hire a custom website design service to ensure image adaptability.
  • Select the color of the overlay text very carefully so as not to affect readability. For starters, light-colored text goes well with a dark-colored background image, and vice versa.
  • Try not to strain users’ eyes with a clunky image and a lot of superimposed text. Keep the spacing to create an ideal balance between the image and the text.

4. Burger Menu

Every little element on a website has immense meaning. But sometimes we tend to ignore some or don’t really recognize their meaning. The hamburger menu is one of those items. You may have noticed three horizontal lines on various websites that open the menu bar. This is called a hamburger menu.

A  multipage website  can have multiple pages and displaying all the options on the homepage can take up a lot of valuable screen space. The problem is more confusing for people accessing the site from mobile devices, which already have a small display.

Hidden menu or hamburger can be a savior in any website or web application development.

Such an intuitive element of the site improves site  navigation  and keeps the audience free from distractions. So be sure to include this item during any ecommerce website development.

Interesting note: Do you know why these three horizontal lines are called the hamburger menu? Because the three lines are stacked on top of each other and look like hamburgers! Imagination is a curious thing!

5. Try card design

With the growing popularity of  Pinterest , designers have become fascinated with card design. Individual cards help visually distribute information so that visitors can consume information without being overwhelmed.

Card design is becoming more and more popular on both B2B and B2C websites. In addition to making the website attractive, cards also help in presenting information in an organized manner. Using this design on the website can help to highlight multiple solutions or products side by side. Also, by splitting multiple pieces of content into cards, users can easily select which articles they want to expand.

Card design can be an integral part of eCommerce web development. Keep in mind that cards must be responsive. This means that as the screen size gets bigger or smaller, the number or size of boards in a row must also adapt accordingly. Also, there should be some white space between two cards so the design doesn’t look clunky.


Are you wondering if the website price will be increased after incorporating such varied elements? You can always check with us for approximate value. Consider this an important investment, as your business image depends on it.